Friday, November 28, 2008

UK, Exhibition for Olympus users

UK, Exhibition for Olympus users
Just thought I would share this UK Exhibit of 100 Olympus photographers from all over the world (all 16x12 prints) …

I am showing three(3) 16x12 prints, Ross D. Hamamura / …
which will also include a Printed Book and DVD that will be sold on-line.
* Link: to e-book ... On-Line ... It is a large PDF. So it will take some time to download or open. This is the version as of 12/8/08 so it might change (a little).

* Olympus Safari Group - Exhibition Book One: to Purchase Book 1 on-line:
...International Best Seller on first week of release.

Partly sponsored by Olympus … in fact, at the Event they will have a Pre-ship showing of the New e30 and lens … AND will Give Away a FREE one, for the best review on it.
* The Event details are below. (images are from the set up)

Date : From Tuesday 25th November to Sunday 30th November
“View from the TOP” … Waterstone’s Nottingham City Centre
UKPSG Exhibition Event ~ Sunday 30th November 2008
Join us to celebrate the best of E-System Photography, and our first year of growth!

This is going to be a most exciting gathering of passionate Olympus Photographers... join us at "The View From The Top" art gallery, Nottingham, UK - * Tickets sold for special members, family and friends viewing of this groundbreaking exhibition.
Note : all ticket holders will qualify for our E-30 Kit review competition - WIN a FREE E-30 Kit!

Agenda for the day.
10.30am Start with refreshments and browsing round the exhibition. Tea, coffee, fruit juices, biscuits and fruit.'
11.30am Presentation in the meeting room - introducing the exhibition, our vision for how things will develop for the Safari Group, inviting contributions and discussion.'Demo of exhibition DVD and Book.'
12.45am Lunch in the gallery - click here to open special christmas buffet menu. Tea, coffee, fruit juices, glass of wine or bucks fizz.'
2.15pm Seminar in meeting room. Those not attending can stay in the gallery for coffee etc. Others can take drinks through. Water and juices available on tables in meeting room.
Post Processing Presentation - Lightroom by Tim Afken.
How we made a Blurb Book, by Brian Mosley
Studio Lighting / FL50R Presentation by Darren Birkin
Olympus E-30 Review Summary - from the week's hands on tests at the exhibition.'Special Announcement'
4.15pm Seminar finishes, coffee available in the gallery until 4.30pm. Browsing fine until store closes at 5pm.

* IF, you are a Olympus user and you would like to join this International Group of Olympus users (it's free to join, and contribute) ... follow this link to the UK group page to join, There is Tips and Event shoot images, with Full exif information, on many Olympus bodys and the most popular Lens:

My personal invite to the UK Safari Group web site:
You can click on the below Logo to Join the International Olympus group for Free:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ellis Rose Canon Photo Gallery -- October Exhibit (10/1-10/30/08)

Sorry I am late with this (after the event). But, fellow EOH member (and friend) Ellis Rose had an Exhibit at the Canon Photo Gallery on October 1 thru October 30, 2008.

Congratulations, ... a great exhibit!
See two more images of the exhibit on our EOH site:
And a link to his web site:

Ross D. Hamamura

Friday, June 27, 2008

CANON Gallery Exhibit July 1-30, 2008

Eyes of Hawaii Photography Club

* Hope to see all of you there.

List of EOH members exhibiting:

Amy Nozawa
Rita Kaku
Jerry Anaya
Cora Hiranaka
Ellis St. Rose
Ken Kenolio
Dave Richert
Gerald Pang
Celia Doo
Connie Leong
May Uyehara
Regina Barker
Luther Chong
Winston Griffin
Erick Tsukiyama
Diane Kon
Rick Oshima
Stanley Chun
Thomas Garcia
Reid Shimabukuro
Milton Hee
Lincoln Ishii
Ed Yee
Maureen Chun
Lou Tascott
Winnie Wang
Daniel Kinoshita
Mark Kaku
Fanny Li
Bro. Grace Amen
James Young
Shun Wa Wong
Orlando Rarango

EOH June 2008 Meeting

Eyes of Hawaii Annual Meeting - 23 June 2008
Election of FY-09 officers – Process: Nominations from the floor
President Jim Young
Vice President Ed Yee
Recording Secretary Jerry Anaya
Corresponding Secretary Rita Kaku
Treasurer May Uyehara

Saturday, March 22, 2008

“Week in the life of KCC” March 17-23, 2008

EOH Club community service project - Kapi`olani Community College (KapCC), "24/7" ... Shot during International Week at KCC.
Photos by EOH will be used for a “KapCC photo essay”.

Link to Reid Shimabukuro EOH KCC gallery:

Link to Ross Hamamura EOH KCC 3/17/08 Day-1 shots:

Friday, February 22, 2008

EOH Photo Exhibit at the Hawaii State Library Feb 28-Apr 3

Hawaii State Library, 478 South King St.Honolulu, HI
Eyes of Hawaii exhibit starts Febuary 28, 2008 and runs thru April 3.
* Please make it a point to stop by and veiw the Printed Exhibit *

Jury process for the selection of 30 photos from the 47 submissions was completed on 30 Jan.

25 EOH members submitted photos and will be exhibiting. 20 members will be exhibiting one photo and 5 will be exhibiting 2 photos.

Some of the selected photos will be shown on our EOH SmugMug site:

The 30 selected photos are listed below in the alphabetical order of the member’s last name.

# Photographer Photo Title
1 Jerry Anaya -- Sunrise at San Marco Basilica-Venice
2 Luther Chong -- Peaceful Place
3 Maureen Chun -- Butterfly
4 Maureen Chun -- Lone Bee
5 Stanley Chun -- Eye on the Ball
6 Lytha Conquest -- Kona Reef - Waiting for the Bus
7 Katherine Finch -- The Swimmer
8 Ross Hamamura -- "Victory" Special Olympics 2007
9 Ross Hamamura -- "Fireworks" Aloha Tower
10 Milton Hee -- Raindrop
11 Connie Leong -- Neighborhood Sunrise
12 Fanny Li -- Dancer
13 Al Loo -- Ohai Alii
14 James McGovern -- Calla Lily
15 James McGovern -- Antelope Canyon
16 Barbra Miciak -- Winter Solitude
17 Leroy Nagasako -- Nikko Shogun's Temple
18 Leroy Nagasako -- Ichinoseki Rice Field
19 Amy Nozawa -- Alpine Meadow (Japan)
20 Orlando Rarangol -- Thirsty Orchid Bud
21 Lynn Reedell -- Ocean Hue
22 Ricky Oshima -- Sky Unlimited
23 Reid Shimabukuro -- Da Kine Morning Glory
24 Ray Tabata -- Early Snow, Aomori
25 Erick Tsukiyama -- Hawaiian Christmas Tree
26 May Uyehara -- Here's Looking At You
27 Kazuko Yamauchi -- Bromeliad
28 Ed Yee -- Loi, Waianae Valley
29 James Young -- Turkish Man On Donkey
30 James Young -- Turkish Man On Break