Friday, November 29, 2013

Sony Alpha Cameras Facebook Group - Sony ALPHA - TALK

Started a  Facebook Group today.  Sony ALPHA - TALK

Please join us.

Just to create a place on Facebook for  Sony Alpha Camera shooters to share TIPS,  Links , Reviews,  and basically talk to each other about  all the Sony news that is everywhere on the web.

Things are moving fast and the information almost constant.

Hoping this will be another space for Sony shooters to talk and share  ... on Facebook.

Hope this helps,

Ross Hamamura

The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
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Facebook Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group:
SONY Community ID:  Hawaii-Geek

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lastolite 30x30 GRID works with the Lightware FourSquare30x30 SoftBox

Lastolite 30x30 GRID works with the Lightware FourSquare30x30 SoftBox

Wanted to blog this because it DOES work. and FITS well.
Lastolite Grid for the 30" Ezybox allows you to add the directional quality of a reflector source to large soft source with manageable contrast. This fabric grid folds flat to a fraction of its open size
B&H  us $94.00  Next Day  $27.31  and it got here basically 2 Days , which is good for Hawaii. :)

Now is the Quality super durable ... really?  us $94   and not directly from China ... it does look a little wimpy.
BUT,  the LightTools Grid that is made for it is  us$ 260.

AND,  this one really Velcros in the  30x30  FourSquare Softbox  like it's made for it  :).
Even with the  FourSquare Diffusion below it.

Latter, I will take a pic of it (the actual) ... when I work with it a few months and see how it lasts.
Can tell you this now.  It FITS , It Works (it's just a grid) , It's Cheap. and it's in stock. (the LightTools was out of stock)

Lightware FourSquare 30x30 SoftBox  for  Four(4)  Flashes ... which I LOVE.
Travels super well!

FourSquare Pro Kit 30" FSK30-P  us $ 350
FourSquare Softbox

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Easy Release : The Professional's Model Release APP

Easy Release :  The Professional's  Model Release APP

IPhone and Android 
They can SIGN right on your Smartphone 

...  need I say more?  :)

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light
Please Follow me on Instagram: @RDHphoto

Easy Release The professional's model release app!
iPhone Rotator
  • Professional-grade model releases, created and signed, right on your iPhone, iPad and now even: ANDROID!
  • User-friendly "wizard" style interface guides you step-by-step.
  • 17 built-in release translations - and 6 full user-interface translations!
  • Approved by the leading stock photo agencies: AlamyGetty ImagesiStockPhoto and many others.
  • PDF format (and optional JPEG) – emailed right to you!
  • Includes a picture of the model or property right on the release.
  • Sign on the touch screen using your finger or a stylus.
  • New version 3.0 now in AppStore!  iCloud Sync, support for the Advanced Customization Pro-Pack, and more!
Find Easy Release App Icon on:  or ANDROID logo