Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aloha, Eyes of Hawaii Members!

Great! If you found this, the link worked.

I created this blog for the "Eyes of Hawaii" members to communicate via the web. But, it is open to anyone, to comment or post. It can be just what you shot today (with an image of course) ... or about an interesting event comming up to shoot and who want's to come?

Maybe you want to get comments or advice on a image ... maybe you just want to organize a shoot ... maybe you want to ask a question, that you could not at the meeting.

but, as you know ... for club members: your best images should be emailed to me to post on our Eyes of Hawaii Photography Club site ...

Even someone new that wants to ask a question about the club, or where to shoot in Hawaii can "comment" here.

* note: I have left this BLOG "open" so that anyone can post. (will edit only if I have to, so think "Aloha")

My hope is that in time EOH members will make this BLOG a regular place to visit and contribute on the web.

Hope you like it ... comments welcome!


sj macro said...

Hi Ross: Am I first? Still learning to blog.Sent message from gmail my alternate email. jerry Anaya--my handle may be "sj macro" for shaky jerry macro :)

Ross Hamamura said...

Shaky Jerry Macro, lol ... yes, you are the first to comment ... This is all new to me as well ... At this point I really don't know what I am doing. It's still cool though. Will be interesting to see if anyone else finds this, and posts :) Ross

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,
Thanks for all ur hard work on this.
... Ken Kenolio

Ross Hamamura said...

Ken, Thank you ... for your support, as always Ross

Anonymous said...

Ross & Ken: Great seeing you guys this evening. Want to echo Ed's kudos to all that help make the club a great sharing forum. Happy and safe holidays to all. sj macro

keao said...

I live on Oahu, how do you join this club? Do you have to be a professional? It's great to finally meet some fellow photo bloggers!!!

Ross Hamamura said...

No you do not have to be professional. We meet every month at KCC (at the bottom of DiamondHead). You can come to a meeting (see how you like it) and join then (a map is also there on the web page). Normally at 6:00pm to "start" there is a pot luck (food) and members get to "talk story".
This is link to our EOH calendar page:
Map of our meeting room (we just moved to a new room this year)

* If you want to be part of our exhibit at the Main library of Hawaii in Feb you will have to be a member (look at the bottom of the Calendar web site for details)
* There will also be a Canon Gallery Photo exhibit of EOH member photos in July.
* EOH also shows members photos monthly in Macys Kahala (Fine Jewelry area)
* There are club "shoots" planned for 2008 (including a Day in the Life shoot for KCC) and a few travel shoots.
* 2008 Calendar of Events is here:;Op=ShowIt&Date=2008-01-01

* The EOH club photo site is here:

Hope this helps ...
If you need any more information feel free to Email me Ross

Anonymous said...


The montly meeting is in what room number in Ohia? The map doesn't say what room.

Ross Hamamura said...

Yes, it is in Ohia. The EOH meeting is in the Audio/Visual Room (which has stadium seating for lectures) which is down below the Eating area (the eatting area for the school is above, we are below) ... you need to go down the stairs. You will see people there as early as 6pm ... because the meetings always start with a Pot-Luck (you "do not" have to bring anything) ... you will also get to meet a few members, as they drift in. (to eat) LOL

Prescilla said...

Hi Ross,
Im new in photography and i would like to learn more, i would love to join any photography clubs but i wanna improve my skills first, i know, silly of me..just wondering if you know any school where i can take photography classes. I will definately join this club..

Ross Hamamura said...

Aloha Prescilla,
One of our club officers Ed ... has a very good beginning class, at Kaimuki High School. He even takes the time on the weekends to bring the class out to free shoots.
A lot of the Eyes of Hawaii members are from that class. and it is one of the reasons the club was started, by Ed.
email him (teacher of the class) Ed at he will tell you when the next class is (fyi: the class is very inexpensive (cheap), and you will meet others that are beginning too).

p.s. to join the Eyes of Hawaii club is only $2 a month (I think). :) it's paid on a annual basis.

fyi: Eyes of Hawaii also has a Photo site (that I am the webmaster for) ...

Thank you, and I hope this helps

Prescilla said...

Hey Ross, thank you so much for the info..really helps..i always go to the photo site and i just love it because it inspires me to take great photos.
again, thank you so much..