Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second Portrait Workshop by Tracy Wright Corvo JULY 25 SUNDAY

Because of the success of the first Protrait Workshop put on by Tracy Wright Corvo ... there will be another workshop on July 25 Sunday.

Again sponsored by Hawaii Photo Rental Hawaii Photo Rental LINK ... did you notice that ALL Workshop participants will get a 15% discount on lighting gear for one month?

Will be at the same location, studio f22.

7/7/2010 update: ONLY 1 more spot left open! ... wow, this workshop will be sold out again.

To REGISTER: Email Tracy at

The goal is to make this workshop "even" better. And have a few good models to shoot, Tracy assured me that there would be at "least" one model I might want to take out my camera and take a snap :) Ok, I am excited already ...
(again, this is not a level "two" version, next step ... that some have asked about)

On the strobist side :) ... that I am doing ... I will bring the "very" popular RadioPoppers JrX "studio" version this time (and hope to have everyone Hands-On with this Off camera Flash trigger) ... that should work on ANY DSLR body with a Hot Shoe. (and can control the power level of AB,WL,Zeus strobes with a RJ-11 jack) ... also, have a cool four flash softbox to show, FourSquare by Lightware LINK here for more info FourSquare LINK

And "might" demo the RP CUBES (time permitting) which allow you to control the power level of your (Nikon or Canon TTL) flashes on camera. (problem is my sb900's don't work with them lol ... you would think you could find some cheap sb800's , but noooo ... so far the Metz 48 AF-1 TTL seems to be a candidate, but the TTL eye is not in the same location to "also" use my PX TTL RP triggers)

Will also have there, the inexpensive strobist "Manual" Flash that is very popular ... the LumoPro LP120 (budget manual strobist flash $130), and the new LP160 ($160 , Manual flash , NOT TTL) which is touted as being as powerful as the top Nikon and Canon flashes (which I hear it is!), Four triggering options (great for strobist), has a metal Hot shoe mount (good new feature, yes I have broke one of my feet (Hot shoe mount) on the cheaper older LP120 (which MPEX will fix FREE for you fyi ... you just need to pay for shipping), a new digital optical slave that will ignore the TTL 'pre-flash' (cool, so you can now mix TTL flash with this manual flash, out-of-the-box), and as fast a recyle (hmmmm), at a fraction of the cost (but, did I mention there is no TTL or CLS) ... still, for strobist a great value. MPEX site for flashes is here:,736.html mpex flashes LINK
I love these Manual flashes because they are cheap and easy to use, and have all the strobist connections you need built in. (and there is less of a worry that someone will try to steal them lol).

Hope to see you at the workshop on July 25, 2010 ...
Have a feeling it will be FUN. :)
Ross Hamamura ...

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