Saturday, January 8, 2011

Updated version of the Black Rapid DR-1 Double Strap

I owned an older Black Rapid DR-1 Double Strap (before it was stolen) had been using it for over a year.

"HAD" to order another one, period.

It's simply the BEST, if you have to carry two bodys. I use two Nikon D700 (w/grip) , 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 VRII , and sb900. anyone that walks around at an Event or Wedding with this gear knows how heavy it can get.  
Problem solved with this strap.  It just Works!
Comfort and Shooting ease.  With PRO durability.  This product is made to last.

B&H  listing $129.95:

YES! this DR-1 comes with the New "Solid"  D ring  FastenR3 !
(I just got one in the mail from B&H)
imho, it is a Huge change. It allows you to "easily" Clip and Un-Clip the bodys with ONE HAND (because the D-ring is a solid piece, and does not move (it was harder to do with the old D-ring). And the Rubber compression washer is thinner and harder = Much better!  (the old washer was spongy and thick = junk)

And I think the clip part is slightly better too. I prefer to keep it not locked, for easy/fast Un-Clip.
* the screw section seems smoother to operate,
* the clip harder to mistakenly Un-Clip on it's own when it is not locked (a good feature for me)... I think slightly deeper curve/hook.

The Solid D-ring also helps with a fast Clip on.
B&H  LINK to just the NEW D-ring clip  , FastenR3 for $ 13.95  ... if you want to update your OLD  DR-1 , or any Black Rapid strap , really. :)

Because of the great reviews, I also bought the Joey J2 Pocket $ 22.00 , so I can keep my Moble Phone close to my ear. and it's nice to be able to keep my phone in a higher pocket and not in my shorts when doing a beach shoot. :) fyi: it fits the New My touch 4G moble phone. and it seems to have a place in front to clip on a pen, so you can have a note pad too.

Simply put, this Black Rapid Double Strap is worth every penny :)

That's why I did not hesitate to buy another.

HERE's a  BackRapid  "Capture Life"  Video  ...   I LOVE my Double strap !
This really show's how it works in action,  it brought  tears to my eyes LOL

A no brainer purchase.

Ross D. Hamamura
The   Tourist of Light

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