Sunday, February 13, 2011

WSSM 2011 Senior Frogs Party, A Different Valentines Day :)

For some strange reason it was a long shooting day yesterday, Valentines Day. (or should I say, Valentines day "Party" day)

Shooting a young band at three locations ... and on the way to the third location ... they (the Band) gets busted for a Safety Check violation. lol
Isn't it a little "cliche"  when a band drives around in a  "piece of $hit" car?
So, we arrive at the last location that "had" nice light at sunset.  I really wanted to shoot this natural light (the sun had dropped and the street lights was already on).

Well,  what is interesting about my last shot was ... I did it at iso6400 , handheld at 1/30, 80mm, f2.8  ... I had lighting (my portable strobist stuff), so I did not have to shoot Natural light/high ISO.  But, I had made up my mind I was going to do this all ambiant ... and here it is.
Only in LR , shot RAW  ... NO  Noise reduction at all  ... so any grain in the shot, is what is there on the D700 at iso6400.
What was nice is ... I probably would have "added" grain , after the shot  ... but instead ,  I did it with iso6400, no NR at all.

Here is the shot:

Here's the bust:
Note:  notice the officer "Texting"  while his partner is  checking the reg and papers :) ... "Seriously?", really?.     Wonder if he was checking out the bands Facebook page?    maybe he was Friend-ing them. :)

Here's a shot from that location  lol:
talking right at the spot of the bust ...

After this shoot.  It was on to a Party by WSSM (Women's Surf Style Magazine)  at Senor Frogs in Waikiki.
"Valentines Day" themed Party.
It's a tough job ... but, someone had to do it.  lol

* Now, imagine  the RAP song "Black and Yellow"  blasting from the speakers ... standing room only ... and then you got the feeling. :)

It was a long day ... and that party was going past 2am  ... but  FUN.
Like I said before,   It's a tough job,  and someone had to do it  :)

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light

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