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RadioPopper JrX Cubes

2/23/2010 For those RadioPopper Fans out there (showed the JrX and PX system, in the Jan EOH lighting meeting in Hawaii) ...
* Tyson Yamada (a fellow EOH D700 / RP user) showed me some "cubes" for the RP JrX system (at this last Feb EOH meeting) that allows you to "Control" the power of your remote TTL Flashes (not in TTL but Manual mode) ... note: RP has been promising shipping on the "RP cube" for months , and versions of it has been shipping from freelancers and DIY.
What is Very Cool about it is that the "cubes", plus the JrX Trigger and "studio ver" REC will allow you to control remotely your Off-Camera TTL Flashes. So, no more walking to adjust the power! :) This is the LINK Tyson gave me ... fyi: he has them, and told me they are very solid/reliable ...
p.s. these are not the RP cubes that RadioPoppers have delayed shipping on .... but, they are Here and Now , and they work. FM version $ 25.00 + shipping ... note: they don't work with the sb900 because it does not have the old TTL quench circuit built-in (p.s. the ONLY thing I don't like about this new Nikon flash ... but, I do Love the sb900 ... but, that's another blog lol ... but , here's a teaser tip ... what "might" help Overheating (if you have that issue with the D700 sb900, I don't) make sure your Hot Shoe is solid and there is no movement in the contact to the sb900 ... and use DeToxIt , here the PEN version is best to clean the contacts (controled application), mainly on the flash Hot Shoe, when the current has to jump the gap ... LINK: http://store.caig.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.188/.f )
Cube LINK:

p.s. another Cool thing , I think he is also selling is a PC connect cord that uses the Nikon screw LOCK ... which for those that "know" ... know that non-screw lock cords FALL OFF and are not reliable, because they go loose on you.

* on that subject ... this is a LINK to a company that does Custom cords .. at any length ... and has that locking #11 screw tip for Nikon

UPDATE  6/2010   ...   FOUND A CHEAP   NIKON SCREW  SYNC CORD  THAT REALLY WORKS  ...   one even for  trigger of the  D700/D3  remote using your  Radio Poppers  JrX.

Just in case you don't know what RadioPopper JrX studio ver. are ... They are one of the Hottest Radio Triggers around now. Think Pocket Wizards ( Just as reliable, with Huge distance) at less than half the price.
1) But, here's the Twist ... The studio version , right out of the box can control "most" studio strobes (AB and WL come to mind) ... we are talking both power and model lamp, remotely.
2) and then this is it's party trick ... It can ALSO control TTL flashes that use the standard "old" TTL quench circuit (the new Nikon sb900 is one of the rare exceptions) ... control of power level is manual, via three knobs for three groups. * I "really" HOPE RP has a work around for the sb900 *
3) Oh, there's more ... ADD the more expensive PX Transmitter as your trigger (instead of the JrX trigger) ... and you can have most strobes (AB and WL are tested brands) fire in HSS ... so, you can fire at Flash sync speeds at higher than 1/250 (or whatever your camera flash sync is) ... body needs to support HSS. and right now the RP PX TTL systems only works on Nikon and Canon. (fyi: for those that have been following my Journey, this is another reason why I had to make a move to Nikon, manf. support for lighting gear)

* Confused about the Difference between the RadioPopper PX and JrX "studio" version , besides the almost $200 difference in price each unit? (fyi: DO NOT buy the basic version, you will thank me latter)
Well the JrX is like an enhanced and cheaper version of the traditional /standard Radio Trigger Pocket Wizard. The PX is the First TTL Radio trigger , and fyi: It Really, Really works ... I own them both and they are SOLID/RELIABLE, Period. We are talking "beyond" a football field length reliable (I tested on St. Louis football field), and behind walls reliable. :)
Link to RadioPoppers site: http://radiopopper.com/

9/7/11 Update * Here's a old LINK to a  Strobist that also uses RadioPopper JrX studio, and probably bought them on the First shipment as I did   ...  I agree, with what he says.
and after more than a year of use ...  they are 100% reliable ,  "really"  :)
It cannot be overstated how Solid this product is.  There is ZERO  Pocket Wizzard envy.

Hope this helps someone ... and adds to the information,

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