Monday, June 28, 2010

Nikon Screw Type Sync Cords to 3.5mm Mono (Mini phone) for RadioPoppers, PocketWizard, CyberSync

You would think these cords would be easy to find at a cheap price, with the growing number of Strobist out there … But, Noooooo
This is “why” I am blogging about this … to help the next guy looking for these.
To make a long story short …. I found them at

I bought both for $ 42.50 + $ 3.50 ship = $ 46.00 total … which is the Best price I could find. And it arrived within a week. (not bad)

So, if you want to bother reading the rest of the story … here it is
There was two types I was looking for:
1) Nikon ScrewLock PC to 3.5mm Mono … FlashZebra $ 15.00 … did not like the regular one’s that came free with my RadioPoppers JrX studio Radio Receivers … when I used them on my D700 PC to RP JrX trigger … the PC connection would always Fall Off at some point in the shoot. So, these Nikon ScrewLock type sync cords really works wonders.

2) Nikon ScrewLock 10-pin to 3.5mm Mono … Pre-Trigger w/switch … what this allows you to do is use your RP JrX studio Trigger / REC and Fire your D700/D3 at a distance , or just use as a remote.
I need to mention … on the 10-pin to 3.5mm Mono Pre-Trigger … Not sure if I have all the settings right yet … (will update when I do)
But, this is what I know from the limited use so far.
I works! Weather I fire from the RP JrX studio Receiver attached to it … OR use the RP JrX Transmitter to fire it from far away … it works.
But, It does NOT allow consecutive shooting … say 8 fps with grip on the D700 … it’s a limitation of the RP Trigger … because if you hold down the Trigger button, the RP trigger is programmed to shut off.
There is something strange happening as well … I can fire three in a row quickly … but, it seems to stop and pause for some reason. If I am slow and steady , it’s not a issue. This might be a config issue I need to work out. (fyi: I have it set to CH, but it seems all the same on any setting)
So, this is probably not the best set up for sports … and this is probably "just" an easy way to use RP triggers you already have, as a Remote trigger for your camera. And with the RP JrX , you are talking really , really far away.
A few other things … you have to Pre-Focus … I like to set it up in Manual Focus .. and AF using the AF-ON button.
The other thing is when the switch is on the “Dot” … you can Review your shots and look at the LCD. But, you have to flip the switch to actually SHOOT.
Hope this helps others … and I will update this page if I Learn more. 

Ross Hamamura /

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