Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jianisi Remote Shutter - Nikon screw 10-pin, Best $4.57 Nikon gear purchase you will ever make :)

Seriously, this is the Best $4.57 you will spend on any Nikon gear!

It's a Remote Shutter Release for the Nikon screw 10-pin.

Made by Jianisi China , shipped thru Kow Loon Hong Kong ... sold on the web thru Deal Extreme LINK here:

This also shipped FREE anywhere in the world ... even to Hawaii. * AND it arrived in 10 days!

So, we are talking about a Nikon 10-pin screw remote release cable for $4.57 Total with shipping to Hawaii. Holly $hit!

I almost paid that much in shipping alone, for just for two cables (and that shipping was a deal) ... here is link to the June blog about those cables :

Below is a pic of what I recieved in a padded envolope (no box).

The 10-pin screw tip and cord is about a good as anything I have seen.

The Button and release feels ... well ... plastic-y and cheap ... Did I mention it is $4.57?

The half press on the button feels unsure ... but it works ... Did I mention it is $4.57?

The Full press feels spongy ... but hold it down and you are at High speed shutter on a D700 at CH. Click it forward and it locks.

Also, good for Long exposures (did not test this).

imho, if the Shutter release part breaks ... you could still use the 10-pin screw and cord and put something else on it ... or attach a better release.

Yes, the release part is a little Toy in feeling ... does not have that D700/D3 Nikon PRO Accessory feel to it ... But, did I mention it is $4.57 total cost??? LOL

If, it breaks ... I'll just buy a New one ! Seriously.

I know this will help someone :)

Ross Hamamura

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