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Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens "leak" issue ... No not all

Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens "leak" issue ... No not all

There is a Light "leak" issue going around on "Some" 24-70 f2.8 lens.
Happens at 50-55mm, iso4000 at 10 sec ... but, on lens with the issue it can also happen at iso400, 1/125 too.
The "leak" is thru the Distance Window!

The test is to CAP your lens ... shoot at 50-55mm , iso4000 at 10sec ... and look at the shot and see if there is light at the top left of the image (should be all black)

* Of course I tested mine ... bought at B&H ... US version with 5 year warrentee.
NO ISSUE on mine. whew .... (love B&H , sales volume helps them sell thru stock)
But, I "feel" there pain ... and is an issue that "needs" to be known and fixed ... and NOT with TAPE. :)

But, this is something good to know if you own one ... good to know if you plan to buy one.

Here is a Video of the issue and the TEST:

fyi: moved this to it's own blog :)
* While on the subject of "issues" ... here's is a small one I ran into just this week:

First, I want to note that I have been running Extreme PRO 16gb SanDisk CF since Nov. 2009 on my two(2) D700's without issue ... and they are FAST! reealy Fast!
IF, you have a need for speed ... THIS is it!

I have "still" about 8 old SanDisk CF going back to ExtremeII to 8gb IV ... but, they are now all backup to my 16gb Extreme PRO CF's. ZERO problems! all working, still. (but, in retirement lol)

Back on 6/28/10 there was a price drop on the SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb CF at B&H so I bought another one.

Right out of the BOX something was strange ... in my D700 it would not format.
So, I loaded it on my SanDisk reader to a Win7 PC and formatted it (no problem).
Then, Formatted it on my D700 (no problem)
Shot a few test ... did a few small shoots , No problems

note: before any Paid shoot I always Format all my CF's in the D700 it will be used on.

Well, on this past weekend Wedding shoot ... after about 3-6 test shots I could not write to my Newest SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb CF anymore. AND, I could not "just" Format it on my D700. So, it was basically dead!

Being that I have a lot of Backup CFs I just flipped to another one ... I was just reeealy, realy lucky that the "Black Pearl" from Pirates of the Carribian movie was off the coast and I took a few test shots of it. (when the CF failed). (just lost a few cool shots , guns blazing) ... because, it seems I cannot read from the CF now too ... and can only re-format on a PC. (which I don't care about, because I have lost confidence in this particular CF at this point)

The scary part was this card formated before the shoot ... and I was able to shoot to it ... for a while.
* BUT, it gave me "Signs" something was wrong. and Different from the other Extreme PRO CF cards.

Just was off a chat with SanDisk ... compatability with Extreme PRO 16gb and D700 confirmed ... as well as this CF being BAD ... and this is an important point:

a New Extreme PRO CF "should" be able to FORMAT right out of the BOX on a D700. *

Which my other CF's was able to do ...

SO , "when" you cannot format on a D700, a Extreme PRO CF ... that is NOT a good sign! Be Afraid, very Afraid.
On a paid shoot this could be a killer! far more costly than the CF cost.

and don't think you are safe just because it formats via CF reader on PC and then on a D700.

7/17/2010 update: First I want to say I am impressed with Sandisk Support. Full stop.
The other day I went on the Sandisk site to Tech support. Did a Chat (this seems like it is 24/7)

... chatted on-line with Mark Sadsad (from PI) ... who was very nice and calm (because at that point I was not, lol ... have some specific long shoots at the end of the month I wanted this card for).
Well, long story short he told me to "try" to Return to B&H first (and if not , they would do it) ... Tried at B&H via email , but they would not because I had "marked the back of it with my information and date bought" (always do after , I think the CF is a works ... never had a CF issue before). And I thru alway ALL the packaging and other stuff. :)

Meanwhile Sandisk Support (Mark) emailed me a copy of the chat ... with his contact information.
So, it was easy to just "reply to the email" ... and tell him I could not do the return with B&H.

Within hours , he both emailed me AND called me! wow

Mark made the transaction of returning the CF for a new one ... very, very easy.
He emailed me instructions AND a UPS label to stick on my package. FREE shipping UPS. All I need to do is have them pick up or drop off at a UPS store.

Since Extreme II CF's and my first digital DSLRs I have been using SanDisk .. this will make me a Lifetime Customer.

Using Extreme PRO 16gb CF's and Extreme PRO Express Card Reader and SanDisk USB reader.

Ross Hamamura

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