Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sato's Okazuya Saimin Stand ... Best Fried Saimin :) ... and a Big Kahuna bonus shot

Sato's Okazuya Saimin Stand
94-235 Hanawai Circle
Waipahu, HI 96797-3029
(808) 677-5503

This is my favoite Fried Saimin.
I have been shooting more and more Resturant AD's lately  ...
So, I need to say this first   ... I will not be blog-ing on any of those paid shoots.
Just so you know.  This was "not" paid.
Will post some Resturant AD  images on my site  ( at some point.
Was in Sato's the other day  .. a hole in the wall place.
Had to wait in line for way too long. 
It's one of those places with old posters on the wall ... and stuffed animals in there glass case.
Don't ask me why they do that! :)
But, their Fried Saimin  ...  WoW!
I told another photog  that when he is on Oahu ... I will take him here.
So,  here is my blog on them ...  in case you need to find your way back  LOL.
Just so you know  ... normally I order the  Large Fried Saimin    $7.00
But, the two pics on this page   are of there  $6 - $7 plate lunches with Fried Saimin (instead of Rice)
The Fish  is pretty good too. 
Shot this natural light  ...  right at my table   ...  "Why Not"  :)
If you know me  ... you know  I am not a natural light shooter, for this kind of stuff 
The shots was "not bad"  ... it is, what it is ....  and kinda fit to the  Mom & Pop place, it is.
No Food Stylist  here  ...
Ross Hamamura  /
"Tourist of Light"

Here's a little bonus pic  ...  just because I was also there recently ...
When at the  Airport  ... Flying out or in.  

I always pick up a  Panaolo Beef Briskit Sandwitch (think that's the name) with extra sause, and/or the Garlic Balls .. and the Pizza is good too. :)

Da’ Big Kahuna’s Pizza ‘N Stuffs

550 Paiea Street in the Airport Trade Center
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Tel. (808) 833-5588
Well, what might be interesting to some is the exif of this shot:
f8, 70mm,  iso6400  ... and I still only got  1/40  ... and this was during the day.
This is straight out of LRv3  ... I should mention also ... there is a one stop improvment on LRv3 vs LRv2 on noise, on the D700  RAW file processing.
imho,  a  good iso6400 matters :)   ... a year ago (pre-D700)  I would have never even entertained the "thought" of bumping to iso6400.
It has saved me on many "handhold's".  
(I am not a tripod guy ... even on a comercial Food shoot .. I try  sometimes ... but, I always end up not using it lol)

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