Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guillermo Velez Studio Lighting Workshop 6/18/11

Fashion Phototographer  Guillermo Velez  is having a workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii  on 6/18/11  10am - 6pm
Complete with two(2) Models (one Guillermo will bring with him, the other from Honolulu) and a Make Up Artist.
With Studio Lighting gear provided by Hawaii Photo Rental.
* Location is most likely going to be 1013 Integrated

4/15/11  update:   here is some pics of  the main Model he  will be bringing with him  for the Workshop.

Look at the flyer and his web Link  to get more info  ...   
* This should be interesting !!!

All you have to do is look at  Guillermo's site   to know it should be on another level of what might have been done before.

Those of you that have been wanting a  Studio Lighting workshop/shoot with "Real" Models?   Well, this is it.

Hope this helps,
Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light

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