Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nikon D700, blueSLR remote trigger and geolocation system 

Yes, I plan on finally buying a iPhone  ...  when the  iPhone v5  ships sometime in June 2011.

So, what is cool about the  BlueSLR   ... is that  when paired with a  iPhone and D700  it  will allow you to trigger a D700 at aprox 200 feet , AND tag your RAW D700 files in camera with GPS information.  for aprox.  $149.00  .. and a free iPhone app.  (you need to run both)

As soon as I get a iPhone 5  ... this will be my next purchase  :).

Here's a link to Rob Golbraith's  review:

IF, you are like me ...    whenever I have my D700  I have my Mobile phone (which will be a iPhone 5)   ...  so, with this combo, which I will already have with me + blueSLR ...
All my older remote triggers will go the way of the Dinosaur (and film) ... PLUS, I will have GPS geolocation tagging on my D700 (D800) files.

p.s.  for the iPhone  ... I am also going to get a  "Light Meter" app  ... how cool is that !

Hope this helps,
Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light

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