Sunday, June 17, 2012

GGS LCD glass screen protector for Nikon D800

In 2010 I bought my first GGS optical glass Multi-Layer LCD screen protector for both my D700..
Blog on it is on this link.

Because notthing seems to be changed on the product itself I am not going to rewrite the review.
Only thing that seems to have changed is the style number,  D800-1 and size.
It is custom cut for the new LCD size of the D800.
Still has both the main and top screen protectors.   All for us$ 7.20 with FREE shipping to Hawaii, from China.   eBay vendor is Jiawen Mai this time, and took about two weeks to get to me.

The best thing I can say about how I feel about this product is:  I loved it on my D700 , felt it was much better than the one Nikon provides for it. In fact, for the few months I had to use the Nikon D800 cheap plastic stock protector it has already got a few scuffs.  My two year old GGS on my D700 = Flawless :). Bought another for my D800 and will buy a GGS for any future camera I buy.

The first time you put on one of these thin multi-layered pieces of glass you will probably overthink it.
Because it's the third time for me, all I did was line up one edge and flip it down. No Problem. Clean, Easy, Fast.  No bubbles.
It is far better than the original.  Durability and how clear it is.

Hope this helps someone,

Ross D. Hamamura
The Tourist of Light

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