Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hakuba "UltraKnit" the BEST LENS Micro Fiber Cloth EVER !

Hakuba "UltraKnit"  KTR-B24 Medium (12in. x 12in.)  the BEST LENS Micro Fiber Cloth EVER !

Seriously, It's the BEST.  Nothing comes close.  I  have the same feeling about LensPEN. :)
Just so you get the idea.

This picture is of  a new box I just bought at  Kaimuki Camera , Oahu Hawaii  $ 15.95
On Amazon $13.50

It basically picks up dust , and oily junk easily.   It has a feel to it that is unique.  Kind of "Grip-py".
You will tell the difference the First time you use it.  vs  other smoother Micro Cloths.

Best to blow off  larger particles First.  Then use the UltraKnit to wipe it off.

Yes  it is washable .. I only use plain water.

The one pictured stays in my Belt bag with my RX1.  I do not protect it in any way , as you can see. But , it still works.  Have been using the pictured cloth for aprox  5 years (I think).

The new one is for office use and back up.   the old one I will continue to abuse. :)

fyi: ToraySee  the Japan Manf.   told me  they also  do Promo  ...  and put your LOGO on it.
This is much better than the  junk Micro Fiber cloths I am given as gifts.    Even Costco Eye Glass dept gives one away that is tooo small and also blue , but it is not as good.  Does not have that UltraKnit  Grip-py feel when you wipe glass.

Only thing better imho is a  LensPen.   and that will not wipe up Oil as well for as long and as many times as this. UltraKnit = Washable and Re-useable.

Hope this helps someone,

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