Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival Oct 7 2007 SUN

Email I got today from May:

Please see note from Diane Kon to Ed Yee and look at the website she found. Check it out now because it's coming up this Sunday and might satisfy you fish loving folk who don't want to get up at 4 in the morning to see a fish auction. The fish prints (gyotaku) sound very interesting. YUP, that's where the name of the restaurant comes from. Their walls are adorned with lotsa fish prints. Can't Photoshop these to fit your fish story.
I'm going....but I'm thinking that getting there at 9am is too late to find parking so plan to go early. I would suggest going early for breakfast and keeping the parking space.
Try to get there by NOT going makai from Dillingham past COSTCO. Their gas station lines are formidable...unless you go by before the store opens.

Hi Ed: I've been hearing and seeing ads for the above festival. I went to their website this morning, and there are lots of activities. On their website, they mention that the public can purchase fish fresh from the auction. They are also doing fish prints, other activities that we might like to photograph. Thought the club members might find this interesting. It would also give us another reason to have breakfast at Nico's!

* 10/10/07 It was a fun Sunday ... and not "just" about Fish and Seafood (although it was good too) ... Great Family Fun .... there was entertainment (Willie K was a fav! He put on a Show) ... and the Gee Yung Lion "Pole" Dance (if you look at the EOH site Video you will see a surprise ending (my wife got a great video of it with her Fuji f11! ) ... Fudukake Ahi poke bowl (ok, I probably did not spell that right lol) at Uncles ... and from some verndor there, we got the "best" papaya I have ever tasted.

Aloha, Eyes of Hawaii Members!

Great! If you found this, the link worked.

I created this blog for the "Eyes of Hawaii" members to communicate via the web. But, it is open to anyone, to comment or post. It can be just what you shot today (with an image of course) ... or about an interesting event comming up to shoot and who want's to come?

Maybe you want to get comments or advice on a image ... maybe you just want to organize a shoot ... maybe you want to ask a question, that you could not at the meeting.

but, as you know ... for club members: your best images should be emailed to me to post on our Eyes of Hawaii Photography Club site ...

Even someone new that wants to ask a question about the club, or where to shoot in Hawaii can "comment" here.

* note: I have left this BLOG "open" so that anyone can post. (will edit only if I have to, so think "Aloha")

My hope is that in time EOH members will make this BLOG a regular place to visit and contribute on the web.

Hope you like it ... comments welcome!