Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Honolulu back then ...

Have not been blogging lately (work).
and yes there is some new gear that I like.
The Custom Brackets QRS-E2 Camera Rotation Bracket. But you "also" need to buy a Custom Brackets CMP Universal Camera Mounting Plate and FCN Flash bracket, as well as a TTL extention cord,  to make a Nikon D800 and sb900 work on it.

TetherPro USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Micro-B Cable for $ 48.95  Not cheap, but works at USB3 speeds and is Bright Orange!  along with the Jerk stoppers.  (don't like the cable bag, too cheaply made).
Lightroom v4.2 upgrade and Win 8 64-bit  ...  Win 8  I have not intstalled on my main computer yet.  But on a "Clean" install on my i7 ASUS Laptop with SSD  is working with all my programs (LR v4.2, CS6, Office etc and seems Faster.  Problem is, I need to learn where stuff is, and how to config. to the way I like it.
I like it,  but not comfortable working with it as my main ... yet.
NOW,  for something I wanted to share because ... well,  I live in Honolulu. :)
It's a  Honolulu Magazine piece on  "Honolulu in 1888"  the year when Honolulu Magazine first published.    Some amazing old pics  (particularly when you see Honolulu now)
Here is the LINK:
Hope you enjoy the read,
Full disclosure  ... yes,  I do shoot for Honolulu Mag.  but have nothing to do with this article.
Ross Hamamura
Tourist of Light