Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tethered D700 shooting with Lightroom v3 beta2 ... Hint: It's Great :)

Tethered D700 on Vista 64-bit, i7 quad core, tri-channel ram 6gb, two 7200rpm HDs, (and a Laptop dual core Vista) on a 20foot TripLite USB extension (think, this is one of the best USB extensions), plus the 5 feet of Nikon USB cable (total 25 feet of USB) works "really" well on a test, low volume shooting. Well enough to test it on a paid job.

* Talking impressive speed to my desktop (laptop is ok) on a 8fps burst, popping up on the screen .. EVEN applying my pre-sets, that are applied "by" ISO/Camera on import. Wow!

* will test it on a paid job within a week. (yes, I know it's a beta lol ... but, you know ... the only real test, is a large test, on something real ... because it's always on a job that $hit happens lol)
My only fear is that it is NOT saving a copy to the CF.

On a Nikon D700 + LRv3 beta2 it only goes to the HD (right now) ... but, the speed , even across 25 feet of USB was Fast "enough" and reliable. Did I say, going to my desktop the speed was FAST :). even on the Start up recognizing my D700.
* Color me IMPRESSED !

imho, it works pretty solid and fast on a D700 ... Adobe "really" made this Tether LINK to the D700 "PRO use" imho. as far as what you really need , speed and reliability (for a beta)
ZERO hiccups so far ... a real test would be a 1000 shot job tethered.

Oh, here's a "kinda" cool thing ... as you shoot Tethered ... and using your file re-naming as you shoot ... IF, you turn off Tether ... shoot Un-Tethered to the CF ... Then, go back to Tether shooting ... LR v3 remembers the file name you "left off" at in the menu at start up, and gives you the next number as a start value.

>>> * 5/1/2010 update: did a 500 shot paid gig with the D700 tethered using LR v3 b2 ... and it was SOLID , not a single issue. Fast enough to a dual core Laptop Vista 64-bit. 7,200 rpm HD 6gb ram. ... imho, this is a PRO set up. Adobe must have known that , and planned for it. <<<

* I would like to see the "exact" same choices on the import of a Tether shot ... as on a imported RAW shot from a CF. That would mean auto Folder creation by date inside your chosen HD folder.

* Would also like to see ability to trigger a long exposure ... is it there already ?
and multiple exposures. ( even a pre-set HDR setting )

I am "really" getting excited about this v3 beta2

*** Discovered a interesting BUG when using one of my D700 that has an SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb CF in it.
Lightroom v3 beta will NOT Tether or Import data from it, with a USB link. (I always use a Reader to Import/download to LR)
In Vista 64-bit I can open up Explorer and transfer files from my D700 via USB to my HD ... AND I can Import direct from the PRO 16gb CF to LR v3 from a Reader.
Very strange ...

4/22/10 update:
Work around for SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb and Tether

•Just take the CF out, AND make sure

f11 No Memory Card? is set to : OK Enable release

fyi: normally I have this set to LOCK ... because I don't want the D700 to shoot if I Don't have a CF card in it ... normally

* personally, I don't like changing this f11 setting ... so, when I tether ... now ... I "just" swap out my SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb CF for a Sandisk Extreme IV 8gb CF and it works fine.

This is looking like it's a D700 read issue with the Extreme PRO 16gb CF card.

LR will not import direct from the D700 via USB with the CF either.
but, can do it from a Reader.

***   8/12/2010  UPDATE   ...  I  just checked to see if  my  Extreme PRO 16gb CF card would work while Tethering ... and in the shipping copy of  Lightroom v3   IT DID !

So, I guess it was a LR v3 beta issue (or at least Adobe found a work around)  ... becaue it is working with the CF card that it would not before.
Have not tested this yet ... but, my guess is that it will probably Import via USB off the CF too now.

YES,  I am in LOVE  "again" with my FAST, FAST,  Smoking FAST  SanDisk Extreme PRO CF cards.
Now, on to the ExpressCard  Reader  ...  even though the SanDisk version might have a short guide on the CF slot.

That's my take ... so far