Sunday, May 26, 2013

MeFoto GlobeTrotter TRAVEL Tripod/Monopod review

MeFoto GlobeTrotter TRAVEL Tripod/Monopod
MeFoto by

A2350Q2K   GlobeTrotter   Color:Black, Aluminum
USD$ 209.00  ...  1/5/14 update it is now us$184 and FREE shipping via Amazon Prime
After almost two years with it , I still LOVE It !
Did I mention it has a 5-YEAR Warrentee !  :)
This is about VALUE.

On Amazon PRIME (Free Ship)  ... Read the Reviews :

MeFoto GrobeTrotter site:

I should say first, buying from them On-Line with Free shipping  took longer (during ship) than say from Amazon. They shipped it out the next day.  but it took 20 days to get to me.  fyi: when I tried to buy it from  Amazon or B&H it was sold out.

This is a "Quality" product!
And a great Value.
Will even go "over the top" and say it's a good match for my RX1 , solid and has a feel of quality.
The GlobeTrotter Tripod will not have a issue with my D800 or a99 ... even with a 70-200mm f2.8 VRII
So here's what I did as a "Test".  Attached the plate to the bottom of the "body" of my D800+70-200mm f2.8 VRII (normally on this combo I would mount on the lens) ...  put it on the Tripod head ... and it all held. :)    ... that head is not bad.

Folds small, sturdy and even has a NICE slightly padded travel case.  This is "not" your normal whimpy give-away case. It's actually something you could really use.  And it looks good too.

Everything about it feels like a well made product.
Even the way the Monopod comes off and the way it screws together,   and how the spare pieces can be attached back to the remaining middle section. (Love it)
Also the included spikes. (nice touch).  It even has a zip section in the case for it.

Bought the aluminum because I like a little weight on my tripods (sometimes I don't have with me something to weight it down), and I don't want to feel bad when I trash it ...

7/21/14 update:  Some have told me the Carbon Fiber version (not sure if the manf. have updated or corrected) was a little shaky for Landscape.

I mostly handhold  ... but this tripod (the Metal version) have been Great for Travel  ...
Great for MirrorLess ...  for the RX1 and a7  "series" #Sony Cameras  ... a7r, a7s  ... also used the Monopod with the a77 m2 + 70-200mm G SSM2.
Shot the two RX1 videos from my room in LV  using the Tripod.   but, the rest of the trip I shot the RX1 handheld , and at iso's  I normally try to avoid   :).!i=2572573152&k=vLVWk5B

And yes, I have used it on my D800+Grip+70-200mm f2.8 VRII

The Monopod is a GREAT IDEA on this small Travel Tripod.
and would not have a problem using it on a PRO sports shoot for a 300mm f2.8 lens. (I would take off the head (not use it) and attach directly to the lens) ...

* You GET a "Arca-Swiss" standard Ball  HEAD with it
* Spikes
* a Very Good Padded Bag what will Last
* and a Monopod  when you need one , that is built in.
* Hook is included to weigh down the tripod with our camera bag.
*** This list of  features ,  you will NOT get  at this price for quality "like this" from the top brands.
It's all the small things that make this a Value.

Weight : 4.6 lb
Load: 26.5 lb
Folded 16.1 in.
Sections: 5
Max Height: 64.2 in.

I am 5'10" and the height is good.
If I trash this one , or someone steals it ... I would buy another.  That is my highest praise.  :)

Hope this helps someone,

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light