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A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS, Sony ALPHA A7r, a7, a6000 , and a77m2 .TIPS of the DAY Part 6

Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 6

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".
Yes, I have put this on other TIPS , but it might have got lost , or this might be a bit more clear instructions (and I might have adjusted it a bit)  :)

A7r + 35mm f2.8  ,  f4, 1/125, iso100

Allows you to Back Button AF and ZOOM IN on any Lens or Adapter (on the C1 button)

C2 (if default) should bring up "FOCUS MODE" = change THAT to MF "Manual Focus" Mode.

1)  AF W/ Shutter = OFF
2)  Custom Key Settings > AEL Button > AF On
3)  Custom Key Settings > AF/MF Button > AF/MF Control Hold
4)  Custom Key Settings > Custom Button 1 > Focus Magnifier
5)  Custom Key Settings > Custom Button 2 > Focus Mode
6)  Custom Key Settings > Custom Button 3 > Deactivate Monitor
7)  Custom Key Settings > Center Button > Standard
8)  Custom Key Settings >  Down Button > ISO  (or Application List)  

* Set  Focus Magnif. Time = No Limit
because when I want to GET OUT of Focus Magnification you can always push the AF/MF button  OR half press the shutter

Note: you will find out that DMF and MF requires a Different Switch on the AF/MF - AEL Button.
* MF = AF/MF

* Even when I flip back to my normal DMF  "Focus Mode"  some of those button settings still come in handy.     Seems like a lot to take in , but when you start using it , you will see why I configure as I do.

More so IF you use the C1 to quickly ZOOM IN. (once you get used to using it , you can ZOOM in Fast , Move your ZOOM in point, and ZOOM in at different Levels)

Here is a LINK by Brian Smith on a simple easy easy way to configure Back Button AF on
the Sony FF A "series" cameras a7, a7r, a7s, a7II, a7rII  etc ...  (if this blog gets too complicated lol)

*** I need to ADD this TIP on how to "change" the above Back Focus tip  so you can use AF-C  on the Back Button in a more typical Nikon sports AF-C   Back Button AF way.
From the Above Settings  CHANGE:

1)  Change to AF-C
2)  Flip your switch to AEL   ... so the button is now on AF-ON

* You need to Flip the SWITCH on this   "WHENEVER"  you change to AF-C    (trust me, something you might forget why, or why you have AF/MF Control Hold on the other switch lol)

The only (Slight) negative I have found with this AF-C  as your Back Button AF.  It Kills your ability to use C1 to ZOOM in.
You might ask why would I ever use ZOOM IN Manual Focus on this AF-C BACK BUTTON AF ?  Well , IF you use this as Nikon shooters do as your "ONLY"  AF-S as well as AF-C ... then there is times when you will want the ZOOM IN to Manual Focus.

(and p.s. "right now"  Sony does not have quite as good AF-C (as Nikon)  or Dynamic AF points (with size control) in AF-C which is part of the advantage of using AF-C in Nikon) on a Back Button AF for both your  AF-S and AF-C.

This YouTube might help explain the whole concept of Back Button AF.

3/15/15 here is a good YouTube of the SET-UP for Back Button AF on the a6000

10/8/14 update
9/26/15 to INCLUDE my new settings for AF-C , Lock-ON AF:Flexible Spot

Here is my current set up on the SONY a77 m2 :

* Just as note ... BEFORE I do this I always do a Setting Reset = "Initialize"  ... to bring it back to the Factory Original Settings "First".

* I turned OFF Auto Review (so I can track better)
* Priority Setup = AF
* Menu - Wheel - AF w/Shutter = OFF  * This is Important for Focus Re-Compose with AF-C
* Flexible Spot Points = 15 Points    ... which are on the 1/3 Crossing points   ... and basically allows me to Push the Center Button to Move the AF point to the Center and "then" move the AF point to where I want "WithOut" looking.

Update: what I do now is:
* Lock-ON AF:Flexible Spot.   ... in AF-C
Use  the "Center" AF Point as my Lock on Spot  ... normally this is a Cross AF point and the most sensitive.  Giving you a faster initial AF lock.

"Then" I Re-Compose ,  letting Lock-ON AF "Follow" the Lock ON subject while I Re-Compose.

* Face Detection ON,  just for good measure.
because "In Theory" , the Exposure should be "weighted" to the Face this way.
And the AF imho s/b on the eye (though it does not work that way now)

* Flexible Spot
Eye-Start AF - OFF
Peaking = LOW
Zebra = 100+
Delete Confirm = "Delete" First
Focus Magnif. Time = NO Limit
AF/MF Button = Focus Magnifier
Center Button = Standard
Grid Line = Rule of 3rds Grid
SteadyS. W/ shut = ON  ... but on Sports shoots I turn this OFF
e-Front Curtain Shut. = ON
Metering Mode = Multi   ... this is because of my  "Exposure Compensation Priority" Stratagy.
On the LINK: 
Exp. Comp. Set = Ambient ONLY
Dial Set up  = F/no    SS
Dial Ev Comp  = Rear Dial
AF-C for Continuous AF when using Back Button

9/26/15 (p.s. I have stopped using this , just not fast enough "for me", using BackButton AF-C in Lock-ON AF is better and Faster) AF-A Setup = AF-A   ...  I am going try this mode to see if it can switch AF-S to AF-C automatically ... have discovered it can be a bit slow at times. (not fully baked yet)
This AF mode is only available in A-mount cameras. When the shutter button is pressed halfway down, the camera automatically recognizes whether the subject is moving or not, and switches the AF mode between AF-S and AF-C accordingly.
Use this mode to shoot various subjects at the same time, or to avoid switching the AF mode manually.


TIP 89-109

TIP 88   A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS

TIP 71-87

TIP 50-70

TIP 32-49

TIP 31   Exposure Compansation Dial "PRIORITY"

TIP 20-30

TIP 1-19

Hope this Helps someone, 

Ross Hamamura

The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
(and have been given SONY products for accepting this additional role)
Please follow me on Instagram:  @RDHphoto
Facebook Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group:
SONY Community ID:  Hawaii-Geek

Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 5

Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 5

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".

Sony ALPHA TIP # 87:   The LAEA4 = 15 AF points (3 cross)
Looks like the same AF sensor as the A55

Mounted a slower AF lens  16-35mm f2.8 ZA  ... so maybe the Differences in AF Speed could be seen a little better.

Both using the same Center AF point. ALL at 35mm @ f2.8.
Went back  and forth in  indoor light  (just to make it harder)

a99 + 16-35mm f2.8 ZA   VS  A7r + LAEA4 + 16-35mm f2.8 ZA    \

The  a99 + 16-35mm f2.8 ZA  did seem to AF  slightly FASTER.   The differance is small, but THERE.
* I also noticed a Differance in Lower Light.

Because the LAEA4   seemingly ONLY uses  the PDAF  on the LAEA4  AF Sensor  as you lower the light levels there is a point at which the a99 can still LOCK and AF on a low contrast target (as well as the A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE)  ,  BUT, the A7r + LAEA4 + 16-35mm f2.8 ZA  could not. (or was clearly struggling)

a99= 19 AF points (11 Cross) ,

LAEA4=15 AF points (3 cross)

A55=15 AF points (3 cross)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 86: Shoot Wide Open at night Events on the 35mm f2.8 ZA FE + A7r
This shot A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE  which I shot most with  that night.  Governor and wife, took only one shot and I choose to do it at f2.8 wide open, iso2500 , 1/125.    :)
Used a Nikon sb900 on the Hot Shoe in Manual.   and a remote kicker far right.
More images from the Honolulu Magazine Launch party for Fashion Week (in Nov 2014).
Latter that night , there is some dark in the Bar shots - After party.
Honolulu Magazine is teaming up with the Japan Team that puts on Fashion Week Tokyo.

 A7r + 35mm f2.8 ,  @ f2.8, 1/125, iso 2500

Sony ALPHA TIP # 85:  A7r + Nikon sb900 flashes , Right on the A7/r Hot Shoe you can Flash SYNC at  1/200 ... 1/250 has a very small sliver at the TOP , but very usable (note the supported Flash SYNC on the A7r is 1/160)  ... Have posted before (but worth mentioning)  that with RadioPoppers JrX Radio triggers. It also works at 1/200 & 1/250 (similarly). just "sometimes" there will be a curtain at the top ... but if you know where it's going to be, You can Plan for it.  ... I also "feel" the response is  faster than the Sony Wireless flash control. So, I have been using my Nikon Flashes and RadioPopper triggers for anything flash.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 84: NEW Organization on the SONY USA Support site:
There is also a SEARCH that you can get SPECIFIC INFORMATION (and Manual) of your Camera Model.

And some TIPS & Techniques and more here:


Sony ALPHA TIP # 83: FASTER to come OUT of SLEEP  or OFF  , "AFTER" the First time with a new battery.

There is a noticeable Difference.
This little piece of information "might" stop me from Turning OFF the A7r every time I am not shooting.  I used to think it was faster from OFF vs SLEEP.
After doing a few test , with the grip  ... AFTER  the first time after a battery change (or battery out)  Waking UP from Sleep does not seem as bad as I thought it was.
I even tried some DEEP Sleep times.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 82: 35mm f2.8 ZA FE  Sony-Zeiss-Sonnar-T  DXO
I should mention as of 2/3/14 on the DXO lens Rank the 35mm f2.8 ZA FE is the 2nd sharpest 35mm (on a A7r).
But, the RX1r is ranked (total score) higher.  and IF a new RX1r vII has a 36mp non-AA sensor , it might be the best 35mm moving past the much larger Sigma. But, only time will tell if that prediction happens.
If I was SONY , I would make sure that happen (RX1r vII w/36mp non-AA) :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 81: How I configure my AF point on A7r / A7
"FE" Lens + Flexible Spot S =  Center Button push to Move the AF Point and more ...

First I should tell you a bit about my configuration on the A7r  with "FE" lens.

1)  On the "Function Menu Set"  I do have "Focus Area"   ... this lets me change quickly for "Flexible Spot S" which is my normal Default

2)  On the "Custom Key Settings"  = "Center Button"  = Standard

* So now ... on "FE" lens

* CENTER BUTTON PUSH ...   brings up  "AF point"  Highlight  ...  (in Flexible Spot S)  ... so now you can move it anywhere.

* You can being BACK to CENTER  with a push of the "Trash Can" button.

* You can Change the SIZE of the  AF point  ..  with a WHEEL TURN  ...   really useful  ... though I always keep it at small.
This helps me LOCK on a point of High Contrast in low light.
and know "quickly" if I choose a spot that does not have enough contrast.

imho, it is just as important to KNOW  "Quickly" when you DON'T  have enough contrast ... SO, you can MOVE ON quickly to another spot.
The faster you know that SPOT will "not" LOCK  that Faster you can Move ON and try to lock on something else.

 What I do notice is  ...  PDAF and SSM lens seem to be fastest at this (now) ... lets you know "Quickly" if you are not going to get a AF Lock. (the combo of A7r+LAEA4+SSM A-mount lens - new 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM) ... CDAF more accurate though and seems to Lock in lower contrast.

What Sony needs to do is have  a  "DYNAMIC"  PDAF  AF  Flexible Spot  AF point.   (as in Nikon Dynamic AF point)
The Chosen PDAF point would be the Main  and  SURROUNDING CDAF points would be HELPER AF POINTS to insure Accuracy and Low Contrast AF locks.   also helpful on CAF.   (you also need to be able to choose a  SMALL OR Large  dynamic area surrounding your center PDAF point , and depending on size could also include other PDAF points)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 80: When you are shooting Studio with Studio Strobes at settings of f11 (or more), iso100 , and some shutter to your flash/strobe SYNC. Your Live View goes black. :)   Turn  "Live View Settings Effects" = "Settings Effect OFF".
This is also why SONY "Needs" to have this (and ALL) Menu Choices Programmable to a "Button" (Custom Key Settings) or Fn Menu (Function Menu Set).
A YouTube by Curtis Hustance :

What I like to do is use the Sony Remote Camera Control
Seclect OS  Remote Software should be on the List.

1) Run it as your Tethering Software.
* And then POINT  the Software to your  "Watched"  Lightroom folder.
Minimize it so it runs in the background.

2) Open Lightroom v 5.3   and have it run full  screen to you can see the shots you take in Lightroom , And go to the IMPORT  Folder that you assigned the Watdch-ed folder to "IMPORT to".

3) Now, it will "seem"  as if you are shooting Tethered from within Lightroom.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 79: 4TB SSHD a BIG Hard Drive with SSD like performance
With a 3 year waranty.
IF, you are a A7r (D800/e)  RAW shooter , this TIP will come in handy at some point.

Just bought this , so I do not have a report of it yet. But, I do already use two(2) Seagate 3TB XT Barracuda Hard Drives with a 5 year warranty and they have been trouble free and fast.
IF, this drive is a good one I will be buying another.  The second is for a Mirror of the drive.
fyi: I also use two SSD drives , one for the OS the other for a working desktop, for current work. i7, 24gb of Tri-Channel ram.

Product SKU: STCL4000400
Product Name: Seagate® Desktop SSHD Retail Kit 4TB
Qty Ordered: 1
Amount: $234.99

Product SKU: SRSP3YR
Product Name: 3 yr. - Seagate Rescue Service
Qty Ordered: 1
Subtotal: $234.99

Shipping: $20.89
Tax: $12.05
Total: $267.93
Discount: $39.99

Sony ALPHA TIP # 78: SONY's Lens Mounts.
Simple really. Two(2) Mounts, Two(2) Sensor Sizes for each Mount  = total of Four(4) types of lens to support
There is  BOTH a  "APS-C" and "Full Frame" Lens ,   for BOTH  E-Mount and A-Mount.

On E-Mount all lens was "APS-C". ANY New Full Frame Lens will have  "FE" on the Lens.

On A-Mount ,  think all lens are "Full Frame" (for simplicity).  But, if any lens have "DT" on them they are "APS-C".

My guess is the ALPHA group of cameras (name change only) ,  should  "Eventually"  Share "MOST THINGS" (If not ALL). imho it should be ALL.

Example, "in a perfect Sony world" ALL the new APPS for ALL the new ALPHA cameras would be the same.
SO, any new APP that works for one new ALPHA camera would work for ALL new ALPHA camera with WIFI.
And  ALL ALPHA Accessories "should" work with any new ALPHA camera.
* THAT to "me"  is  what would make the name change to "ALPHA"  make sense.    That's just me. :)

Imaging Resource  LINK trying to explain it and the  Sony Adapters:

Sony ALPHA TIP # 77: DXO , 55mm f1.8 ZA FE  BEST  Auto Focusing Lens EVER .. mounted on a A7r !!!

Have to brag that I told you so, had a feeling it would TOP the DXO list (not counting the OTUS)  LOL

This 55mm f1.8 ZA FE lens on a A7r  is AWESOME , simply put.

Now , don't get me wrong.  imho,  I still feel the "first" lens any A7r or A7 owner should buy is the 24-70 f4 ZA OSS FE.
Even thought it might not rank as high , it is a Standard ZOOM and OSS , and all metal Zeiss.  Super Useful every day.

Look at how close the Ratings of the Zeiss OTUS 55mm f1.4 at us$ 4,000  and the Sony/Zeiss 55mm f1.8 ZA FE , and then tell me how it's not worth it. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 76: A7r + Grip and two batteries. The batteries do NOT seem to be draining even if I let it sit for a few days.
This is a good thing.   Because what I have been doing is ONLY rotating out the low battery. (which is easy to identify).

fyi: I have been leaving Airplane mode off as a test.  and even on a all day shoot two batteries seem to be lasting.  But, I have yet to use the A7r  all day as my "only" camera. But, it has been my main camera on many shoots.  Plus , I have a habit of turning the A7r OFF.
Sometimes I feel it is Faster to turn the A7r ON from a Off state vs  waking it up from Sleep.  which imho is strange.
I am also NOT a fan at how slowly the A7r starts up,  but I am less of a fan of the battery life and sleep start up. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 75:  The A7r Tear Down by Roger Cicala.
Now when the owner of LensRentals call the A7r and "Awesome" Full Frame Mirrorless Camera.
I think you need to weight that a little more, because he has seen a lot of cameras, and see's how they Hold up under "Use".

From Roger Cicala Blog: 
When it is "Teared Down" like this ... you can appreciate the Engineering and imho "Pride" of the design.

There is basically little space inside for anything else. :)
It's got to make you feel more like you are walking around with Electronics "Art".   Simplicity.

"  The good news is that the A7R’s grips are completely bonded to the camera body, not held on with sticky tape, because there are no screws beneath them. They’re never going to come loose over time, unlike some cameras we know all too well. The bad news is that we found this out by spending half an hour trying to remove the un-removable grips."

For any PRO that always sees there GRIPS come loose over time (and ask why) , THIS info about something as simple as a GRIP is "Great News" !

"This is rather amazing. The completely disassembled Sony A7R consists of about a dozen major pieces, held together with 29 screws of just three different sizes. A typical DSLR has around 120 screws of 11 different sizes. You might not care less about that, but do you know what I thought about? How much easier it will be to fix this camera when it breaks. How much simpler it must be to perform all the calibration that must be done during assembly. And how much simpler it must be to assemble the A7R in the first place. In other words, how much cheaper it must be to make this camera, than to make a DSLR."

Sony ALPHA TIP # 74:  a read about how the A7/r handle Lens Compansation.

* Curious,  has anyone seen on the web a better one.  I remember another link , but cannot remember it now :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 73: Review to read, "Sony A7r teams up with Canon Glass"
More so if you are a Canon shooter moving over to the Sony A7r

The review mentions how it's a "No Brain-er" to move from Canon to A7r if you shoot Landscape or Studio.
As a Nikon D800/e shooter , I would say it is true for D800/e shooters as well !

In fact it is the D800/e shooter that seems to appreciate the A7r the most. Because they understand what the SMALL A7r is doing.
and then it is EASY (imho) to see how WELL the new "FE" Zeiss lens perform. I would say Better than the similar Nikon glass.
ANY Nikon shooter knows what a WOW that is !!!
and no more of that Nikon rubber glue coming off the zoom rings.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 72: 10 Reasons Why You Suck in Photography.
I had to add the TIP only because after hours of PP alone in my office, this is Funny (to me)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 71: SONY "GLOBAL" Ambassadors Program: posted on

SONY Global Imaging Amassadors web site:


TIP 89-109

TIP 88   A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS

TIP 71-87

TIP 50-70

TIP 32-49

TIP 31   Exposure Compansation Dial "PRIORITY"

TIP 20-30

TIP 1-19

Hope this helps someone,

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
(and have been given SONY products for accepting this additional role)
Please follow me on Instagram:  @RDHphoto
Facebook Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group:
SONY Community ID:  Hawaii-Geek

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Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 4

Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 4

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".

Sony ALPHA TIP # 70: A7r + LAEA4 + 16-35mm f2.8 ZA at the 2014 NFL PRO Bowl
ALL the Wide shots was done with the Sony A7r

Really, "REALLY" useful FL for a event like this, But it needs to be updated to FE and Optimized for the 36mp non-AA and beyond.

On this event I  never felt limited in any way.
Note the LAEA4 has a PDAF sensor for AF.    and it "just" worked.
But, was not as sharp as the 35mm f2.8 ZA FE.

Have a feeling my sports shoot WIDE combo will probably be a A7r + 16-35mm f4 ZA "FE".       Yes FE !
On a sports shoot this is the ONLY WIDE you will probably need.
and it keeps the size/weight down.  Important , because chances are it will be your third body.

The 16-35mm is a great Wide to go along with your Tele's you have to use at this type of event.
77mm filter is a benefit.  Things are flying , and it's bound to hit your lens. :)
f2.8 is a must for a night event imho.

* Sony needs to make a new 14-24mm f2.8 Zeiss SSM , or a 16-24mm (or new 16-35 if a 14mm cannot have a 77mm filter) f2.8 Zeiss  "with" a 77mm filter , Weather Sealed , with ALL Metal including the Zoom and Focus ring. and Optimize it for the new HIGH Resolution 36mp PLUS future.
and Fast SSM.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 69: This is not a "ALPHA" TIP ... but deserves to be Re-Posted.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 68:  Don't be afraid to shoot ISO 6400 on the A7r

Had to drop off something at the NFL office/room at the Sheraton Waikiki in the morning. So, I was a little late at the Aloha Stadium for the PRO Bowl Practice.
I am walking down the back hallway to get to the field, and the Cheerleaders are in the hall warming up.  Looking around I am the only one.
So I  took a quick pic  at auto iso.
It turned out to be iso6400 !   f4.5, 1/125 , A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE
So,  now this is my current favorite  .. ISO 6400  shot.
I would put this shot in the use-able column. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 59: USA Contest. Win a 1 year contract to be a SONY ARTISAN of Imagery for a year !  WIN the SONY Photography Contest they are having , win the Grand Prize of a 1 year contract to be a Sony Artisan of Imagery -- joining the ranks of noted celebrity photographers Brian Smith and Matthew Jordan Smith and National Geographic photographers David McLain and Cristina Mittermeier.
Some have asked how do you become a Sony ALPHA Ambassador  ... imho,  Win this contest ...  and that just "might" be easy. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 58: Don't be afraid to take out the A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE as your main camera on a paid shoot.
I did, on some NFL PRO Bowl events.   This web link has some of the PPK_NFL event pics on the web:
Also shot the A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE as my main camera last night at the NFL-CEO Black Book event for Hawaii Business Magazine.

A7r + 35mm f2.8 ZA FE    Handheld 1/60, f3.2, iso1600

Sony ALPHA TIP # 57: DPR: Sony Alpha A7 Review

Sony ALPHA TIP # 56:  DPR: Using Third-Party Lenses on the Sony A7/A7r

Sony ALPHA TIP # 55: Sony's Next Z1 (Sirius)  "could" shoot 4k Video.
Well,  that just raised the expectation of the  TOP ALPHA PRO camera to shoot 4k video.
There was a leak out already.
You would kinda expect  SONY to have class leading video.  So, this is interesting.
Many are saying even  HD 1080 benefits on the down-sample of the 4k video ... all makes sense ... and the TREND.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 54: DeOxIt Pen  for  Hot Shoe and Lens contacts.
If you are shooting out in the rain, it's probably a good idea to have your Hot Shoe cover on.
But, if you get caught in the rain.  This is what I do.
When I get back I wipe it off well first. Then I apply DeOxit.
My favorite way to clean and improve connectivity on Hot Shoe and lens mount is using the DeOxit PEN.

Started using it back when the Nikon D700 had a Hot Shoe issue. It would get loose. and a "Temporary" solution was this pen. But, the only lasting solution was a New Hot Shoe done at Nikon NPS (where you could see it was more heavy duty)
should also mention Nikon sells a rubber boot that protects the Hot Shoe from rain when the Flash (sb900/910) is mounted. and yes, I have used the flash (and RadioPopper triggers) in the Rain.

2013 PRO Bowl Practice

At the time these two runners had the two fastest World Record times for the Marathon

note: there is also a DeOxit SHIELD pen, but it does NOT Clean the Contacts the way the DeOxIt PEN Cleaner does. The Dezoxit PEN works and it's easy

Sony ALPHA TIP # 53:  SONY is the Worlds #1 Manufacture of Image Senors for Digital Cameras and Video Recorders.
With a 50% Market share.
Not really a TIP.  But, something you can tell your Nikon and Canon friends.  So, I guess it could be a useful tip. lol

Sony ALPHA TIP #52: Whenever you get a New SD or CF card for your Camera , ALWAYS do a "FORMAT" ON the Camera you are going to shoot with.

*And Before any Major PAID Jobs , Format to clear images off the card "ON THE CAMERA YOU ARE GOING TO USE".

My favorite is to also use PRO cameras with two(2) Card Slots , and use the second slot as a back up ... not just a ALPHA Camera TIP

If you forgot to format ... and you cannot access the SD card on your computer  ... try this.
Put the card back in the camera ,  connect the USB  ... set the camera USB to MTP  ... then download the files from there.  then Format your card IN-Camera.

Make sure your camera is compatible with the type of card you are using. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 51: Sony FREE download Tether program and the A7r RAW performance
What I learned today

Ran it on USB2 , have usb3 on computer, and wire. (A7r does not support USB3 and it should, as does the D800/e)
i7 24gig ram , two SSD drives and 3tb seagate XT 7200rpm on Win7 64bit. (only my laptops are Win8 ... including a new Sony)
Run the Sony Remote download to my "watched" Lightroom folder.
Lightroom converts the RAW to DNG, 1:1 previews and builds Smart Previews ... why do I do this? because I can (normally don't watch my files import) lol
Configured the A7r to SPEED PRIORITY , in RAW ... it fires off pretty fast, it's max fps
So, there is a lot going on in this test config.

1) From the camera , there seems to be NO lag. It's pretty quick and it basically kept going. just went as far as 10 consecutive frames (I think). don't think this would be limiting. It seemed to keep fire-ing "as" the download was happening.

2) Now when FIREing from the Computer via the FREE Sony Remote Camera Control program. It fired off a Burst (still in SPEED PRIORITY) or two and it felt ok, but then the response was not there consistently maybe after 10 shots or more? Remember we are talking 36mp RAWS downloading then importing into Lightroom with processing going on.
imho, under normal use it was ok. SAF did not feel limiting to me. but note this was just a quick test.

fyi: by the time I was finish with this quick test, it's surprising that my Lightroom gallery ended up with 50 RAW shots in my Lightroom gallery. it really did not feel like I shot that many frames.
Did the trigger on camera first ... with little wait time between my test that was on the computer with the Sony Remote Camera Control program.

The test was just for me (curious), and someone that needed to know, on the LINK.

Tether your A7r to Computer using the FREE Sony software.

Download Sony's Remote Camera Control app and switch your USB connection on your camera to "PC Remote"

You can also have it  Auto Import into Lightroom by having the files Download to a Lightroom "Watched" Folder.

I have done this with other manf. software ...   tether using there software ... shoot from the camera ... have it download to the Lightroom watched folder ... and on my laptop , ONLY  have Lightroom  FULL Screen.
It will give you the illusion that it is tethering from Lightroom Directly. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 50: A7/r .. uninterrupted power supply with this AC adapter compatible with select Alpha DSLR and NEX cameras.

I would not rank this as my favorite solution.
imho,  ALL NEW ALPHA  cameras  should have an  INPUT  ... that you can use a Standard  Power IN.
Having ALL ALPHA  use common ACCESSORIES imho is KEY.     So, USERS can leverage the SONY Accessories that they already have.
And that would be the benefit of being a loyal Sony Customer.

APPS  are the same ... ANY time you see or hear about a NEW  APP  on a ALPHA camera ... you should automatically KNOW, it will also be "there" on "YOUR"  ALPHA camera , no matter what model , as long as it is ALPHA and WIFI.  You should never have to wait.
just my view.

note: there seems to be an issue with the USB supplying enough power?   Even if it is not enough , it will help ... if it could Charge the  Battery  "while" you are shooting.
fyi: I thought  USB3 supply's more juice ?     so, maybe  USB3  could be more useful?  in more ways than one. :)

hmm, even with current USB  my i7 smartphone seems to charge while I use?


TIP 89-109

TIP 88   A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS

TIP 71-87

TIP 50-70

TIP 32-49

TIP 31   Exposure Compansation Dial "PRIORITY"

TIP 20-30

TIP 1-19

Hope this helps someone,

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