Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hawaii Wedding ... Lehua and Sonny ... Haleiwa, Hawaii

Did a really COOL wedding this weekend!     (can I still use Cool and Hip to describe?)

Lehua and Sonny

They have soooo much LIFE and FUN.      Tried to shoot it that way.

Probably one of the most FUN and casual weddings I have done to date.

It really did not feel like a job.
It was like I was taking images of a celebration.

a Crazy afternoon SUN ... either Bright backlight , or heavy overcast.
Had to fight the open sun all afternoon.

There ceremony was on a open / gated lot (large) overlooking Pipeline

... which is owned by surfer Kelly Slater (who was there, I think).
and was just below where they live.   (if you know anything about surfing and/or Pipeline, you know who he is lol)

They set up a huge tent , right in front of there home. complete with

a shuttle to a separate parking lot.  Nice touch.

They also had, an "old school" North Shore Ice cream truck doing dessert.

Really, thought I was shooting a young surf wedding movie. lol    ... all I can say is WOW  ...  glad I was a small part of it.
It was so much fun ...  hope my images reflect that.

with Music playing in the background, they "Rocked" the poses!

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