Friday, August 13, 2010

SanDisk Extreme PRO CF issues I had , are all solved

Just wanted to blog this in case someone missed it in my updates.

1)  My issue with my Extreme PRO 16gb CF card  not formating with my D700 ...
within 10 days SanDisk sent me (UPS 2nd Day air)  a New CF  ... YES, right out of the box it formatted on both my D700's  ... and it went thru that weekends shoot with no problems ... over 1,000 16-bit RAW shots in 2 days.  
and by the way has been humming along since.   fyi: I always format before a paid gig.

* I am impressed with SanDisk Customer Support  ... there  24/7  WEB Chat Support  ... and  the way (speed) they handeled my  problem.

It's going to be "real" hard for me to change to anything else.

2)  On the shipping version of Lightroom v3  ... while the Extreme PRO CF is in a D700 it ... can now Tether shoot  ...  
it could not with the Lighroom v3 BETA 2 
So, I guess it was a Lightroom issue that was fixed by Adobe ... and not a  D700 or Extreme PRO CF issue.
Or at the very least  Adobe found a work around.

So, YES  ... I am again Very  happy with this  FAST, FAST  ... Super FAST  CF card!

Now it's on to the SanDisk    Extreme PRO  "ExpressCard" Reader     ...   arguably the fastest Reader you can buy when combined with a Extreme PRO CF.

Need to mention that I have been using Sandisk CF's  since  Sandisk Extreme II. 
and still have them. (although they are in retirement ... or should I say BackUp)

Just thought I should UPDATE

Hope this helps someone,
Ross Hamamura  
The Tourist of Light    :)

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