Thursday, August 26, 2010

SanDisk Extreme PRO ExpressCard Adapter install in Win7 PRO 64-bit

SanDisk Extreme PRO ExpressCard Adapter install in Win7 PRO 64-bit  ...

* Here's a Important tip you might miss ... even though it is right on the install CD:
You MUST have both the CF (Compact Flash Card) AND the SanDisk Extreme PRO Adapter in the ExpressCard Slot  BEFORE  you start the Installation CD !

It will not run the install without it.

But, if you do that ... it will install quickly and flawlessly  on a  i7 Quad Core Laptop running Win7 PRO 64-bit OS.    Zero issues.
And YES,  it's  FAST !   Period.

I already know it's FAST.    Have read others tests ( )
But, there is nothing like doing a test yourself.   Even though you know it works well.  It's nice to stress it a little.

So, first thing  I do is format two of my SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb CF cards in different D700's.
Both, format to 14.9 gb.
Then I upload  14.9gb aprox  to both CF cards   (which left 96kb open on both cards)
Interestingly it takes more than twice as long to upload to the CF (11:16 min) using the ExpressCard Adapter as it does Downloading to the Laptop 7,200rpm HardDrive , guess it should not be a surprise because the HD is fast, with a large cache.
Laptop is a 17" 1080p ASUS i7 quad core , two(2) 7,200rpm hard drives C: , and D:  ... with a ExpressCard slot 34. running Win7 PRO 64-bit.

* I should note  ... that I can see why others feel the CF slot guides are too short.  IF, you are not careful you "could" damage Pins on the Adapter/Reader.
Another small critique is the ExpressCard sticks out of the Laptop far enough away that it could easily get damaged imho.

My advice is to always:  Put the CF card into the SanDisk ExpressCard Adapter "FIRST" , then ...  put the ExpressCard Adapter into the ExpressCard 34 slot in the Laptop.
imho, it helps with two issues ...   the short card guide (that could damage your pins) ... and,  sometimes you might loose your ExpressCard Drive listing in Windows.
* but, it is easily solved by taking out and putting back in the ExpressCard Adapter.

Loading it this way , Kills two birds ... with a sensible technique of loading the CF.

One thing good about the design is , it does look like it will pack easy.   My only small concern is it's durability in a bag with other stuff.
The weak link seems to be the  metal to plastic connection , right where it sticks out of the Laptop.

Ok, now the Fun part ...   my TEST results.
fyi: after each  Copy from  Extreme PRO CF  to Laptop   ...  I did a  Delete >>>  Clean Recycle bin >>. then a full shut down and Start up.

Copy being done in Win7 Pro 64-bit and PowerDesk Pro (file Manager).

1)  SanDisk Extreme PRO 16gb CF  and SanDisk Extreme PRO ExpressCard Adapter  via Copy to Laptop  took  5:07 min and 5:00 min on the re-test

Anyone that has had to download this amount (14.8 gb) of  DNG, NEF, JPG  knows how long this could take.
* This is  FAST !    Real  FAST !

When you are downloading on location  ... this kind of Speed makes a differance.
You will notice this kind of speed  way before  the  in camera speed of this card on a Nikon D700/D3 ... shot to shot.  (even though the speed is there, even in camera)

Note: I mainly care about  CF to Laptop download speed.   
I already know the  Extreme PRO CF is way fast enough on a D700 for every day shooting.  measuring it does not matter to me.

2)  Now my old All in One USB Reader ... SanDisk ImageMate 12 in 1 USB and the same CF card  ...  it does all kinds of cards ...
It's time was a painful  17:40 mins.  and 17:29  on the re-test.

3)  Internal Multi Card reader on a i7 quad core Dell XPS with two fast 7,200 rpm Hard Drives  ... now this was a surprise because I normally do not watch the download.
31:47 mins !    ...  I only did   this once.   That was enough.

It's time to look for a ExpressCard Reader slot  add-on for my Desktop ... I think.

The combo of the SanDisk Extreme PRO CF and SanDisk Extreme PRO ExpressCard Adapter  was sooo Fast it was not even close.

When you have a Need for Speed.  
This combo is it ! ... 
SanDisk Extreme PRO CF and SanDisk Extreme PRO ExpressCard Adapter in a ExpressCard 34  slot.

And based on my prior experiance with SanDisk Extreme CF cards and the new SanDisk Extreme PRO CF 16gb  card  since Nov. 2009    ... these Cards are very reliable. With very good support.

Your in camera speed might be different depending on your Camera's support for UDMA 6.
So, watch for the  gotcha  there.

Hope this helps ...

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light      :)

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