Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lighting Class Set up ... what I like

Ok, so I have not blogged in a while :)  ... it's been busy ... and I am backed up on my shoots (it's a RAW thing lol)
and ...  I learned a few things on the Kona IronMan World Championship shoot ... but, that's another blog lol.

Just organized a recomendation for a Lighting Class Set Up
So,  as I tweak it  ... thought to Post it ... so I can just  LINK to it  ... when someone asks.

Here it is:

Style Number / Description /  Qty /  Cost / Total COST /  Web Link     (it was on a excel file)

SX3 Lighting Kit Strobist Starving Student SX3 Lighting Kit
 1    $489.99,12841.html

(this includes two LP160 Flashes .. and pretty much has everyting you need to start)

LP160 LumoPro LP160 Manual Flash
2     $159.95           = $319.90,14648.html

(If you don't have two flashes already … you will need four total)

LP633 LumoPro LP633 Umbrella Swivel w/ Flash Shoe Adapter
2       $17.99      = $35.98,11776.html

This is my favorite Umbrella swivel ... because it packs small and is strong. (both important when traveling)


PHPDBDSK Photoflex Pro-Duty Backdrop Support Kit
2       $199.99     =$399.98

This is a PRO Backdrop Stand set at 12'6" Tall , very useful ... and has a bag, AND is not any more for the bag and cross bar ... a relative value. :)

UM-RUT45 Photoflex Convertible Umbrella - White Satin with Removable Black Backing - 45"
2         $29.95        =$59.90

Look at the Reviews on this Umbrella  ...  5 stars  ... and you will know why I love these.
You can take off  "just" a  section of the Black Backing  ... and shoot thru the open section.  Nice!
* Photoflex has also changed the "ribs" on this Umbrella ... to a  Nylon/plastic looking materia (=flexable, yet firm enough)  .. THIS little new feature, will save you when your stands fall over in the wind.  And they "WILL"  lol.  It's just a matter of time.

It's a  "Love It"  new feature.


1        $159.95

JRX-RS RadioPopper JrX Receiver STUDIO
3         $99.95     =$299.85

* What is great about this JrX Radio triggers is that they are ROCK solid and work with anything with a Hot Shoe.

* AND can control the Power level of AB studio strobes

Have done a blog on these already  ... I own BOTH the  PX and JrX studio versions of these Radio Triggers    ...  So, you know that I  LOVE these!  and they work  ALL the time, Period.
No Way are you going to find something more reliable than these.   (and more so , for this price)
I have owned the JrX Studio on the first shipment from RP ... and the PX triggers a month after that (because I was sooo impressed)  ... both of these radio triggers have "never" dissapointed.

Thomas Distributing

4 packs @ $10.97    =$43.88

1        $68.67

* I own the cheaper 800S version of this 8-battery PRO Charger  ... because of the smaller  plug for Travel (trust me, things add up) ... and the lower cost  ... and that it was the newer version  ... but,  Thomas Dist.  does not have it listed right now.  (11/10/10)
Have two(2)  4-battery 401FS  and a 800S 8-battery PRO Charger ... and they are plugged in all the time. :)
p.s.  I love the  Thomas Dist.  8-battery  case they give away free with the 801/800s chargers.  They are now my fav.
Oh,  just in case you need Roll paper for your Backdrop stands ... on Oahu, Hawaii
Attco Inc  ... a  staging supply company near Lagoon Dr at the Airport
Aprox.  $50  for a Roll  .. about 9 feet wide (forgot how long, but it's enough)  ... they have many colors
The roll box is not huge, so it's not that hard to carry with you (or your van).
I like it better for White, than fabric/muslin (which I have Black and Green/Blue)  particularly in white because you don't have to  steam before use , and when it gets dirty or ugly you can just tear it off  and when you roll out a new section it is sooooo  Smooth and White :).     nice!

Sandbags (the bag part) from B&H ... so, my lightstands don’t fall over ... you could use other things.

also, note ... they are bright orange ... imho this is important ... so people can see it and don’t trip over it.

Should also buy some large Plastic Clips from Lowes in Hawaii ,
Bessey XC-14pc  $ 12.98    ... to hold the Roll paper in place :).
This is a Big nylon bag of 14 Plastic Spring Clamps ... 2 - 3in. (which is huge), 2 - 2 in. , 4 - 1 in. , and 6 - 3/4 in. which are cute, small, and moderately useful (and you will not mind if you lose them)   they do help pin a green screen flat on backdrop stands. :)
At Amazon on the web:

Hope this helps someone,
Ross Hamamura   ...   Tourist of Light

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