Thursday, May 5, 2011

Most Flashes fired by one person, Guinness World Record attempt

So, I got this email from Radio Poppers. :)   (below)

And you might be asking ... why post it ?

Well, the funny thing is   ...  in the past week  another High School (Moanaloa High has purchased already, for there lighting class, both the RP JrX and the LP160 flashes) and a  local photog  has asked me about the Radio Poppers.

Being a proud owner of both  Radio Popper JrX and the LP160  Flash  (also own the RP PX TTL triggers)   ... I can tell you , from experiance  ... that this combo will  have  "NO Problem"  triggering  Every Time. :)

AND it's not a very expensive combo.

Now if  MPE  can  just develope a   LumoPRO  LP160  that the Radio Popper JrX  can control the "Power Level"  remotely  ...  that , would be really Cool.
Hint:  they told me they are working on it  :)


"The most flashes fired by one person to create a photograph"

In less then 72 hours at After Dark Cincinnati, photographer Jason Groupp will be attempting the world record for "The most flashes fired by one person to create a photograph." How many flashes? Well that is top secret. But we can tell you the flashes used will be LumoPro LP 160s provided by Midwest Photo Exchange, and to ensure every flash fires, each one will be triggered with the RadioPopper JrX.
Attendees of After Dark Cincinnati will be able to purchase World Record Edition RadioPopper JrX Receivers with custom "World Record Edition" badging in gold leaf.

It is a public event with tons of activities so come be a part of all the action on Sunday, May 8th. Following the world record excitement there will be a shindig with live music and the official awarding of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate. Check out all the details here. See you there!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info. I'm getting into off camera flash and purchased some lp160s but wasn't sure if the radiopoppers jrx would work. this answers that question!

Ross Hamamura said...

Yes the LP160 and the JrX RadioPopper studio is a "Solid" combo ... and the JrX plugs in directly into the LP160, love all the ways the LP160 has to trigger. (means less gear, or back up triggering)
and it is really Fast and Easy to change the settings , a big plus.
I would even say the LP160 is my favoite Flash second only to my sb900.