Monday, September 30, 2013

FAVORITE Smartphone Accessories when on a Travel Shoot

FAVORITE Smartphone  Accessories when on a Travel Shoot
These are my Favorite Smartphone Accessories when I am Traveling for a Shoot.
Note how everything is small and basically Flat.
I can carry this with me all the time in my belt bag.
All of these are on Amazon FREE Shipping (Prime)

Syba USB 2.0 Type A Female to Micro USB 2.0 Male Adapter Cable (CL-CAB20125)  us$5.99 Amazon
This little  $5.99 cable that can fit into your belt bag easily will allow you to Plug IN your regular Multi Card Reader to your Smartphone, and Copy , Move images from your shoots (SD,CF cards) to your Smartphone. Then from there Backup to Cloud, backup on your Smartphone (I have a 32gb Micro SD in my smartphone) or post on FB or Instagram.
Using this cable and my SanDisk USB3 Multi Card Reader on Android when I plugged in my 64gb SanDisk Extreme PRO SD card the Smartphone Automatically Pop-ed up  File Manager and Read the Card.  All I had to do was mark that Folder or Files I wanted to COPY  and  Where.  Very Easy.
A mix of 355mb RAW RX1 files and JPGS   took aprox. 1:10 min/sec  to Upload to my Galaxy S Smartphone.  And 21 sec to Download to my computer to a Spinning 7,200 rpm Hard Drive via a  usb2 port.
Have a feeling any PRO toting a 15” Laptop on a shoot can see the Benefit of this. :)

SanDisk ImageMate Multi Card USB 3.0  Reader   … this is link for  Amazon us$32.00  (but I bought mine from B&H)

Next Favorite carry around everywhere Smartphone Accessory is the EC Technology High Capacity 2600 mAh Backup External Battery Pack and Charger Power Bank “with”  Flashlight  , Cherry Color
Cherry so I can find it in my black bag at night.  It comes with a number of “tips”  so you can use it with a number of gadgets , and more importantly Charge your Smartphone.  The power always goes down on your Smartphone when you need it most. :)
The Flash Light is SUPER handy.  Not only to find your way on a dark location or inside your bag at night , but to light something at night so you can AF on it. Or you could use it as a backlight for a Smartphone Food pic with a bit of diffusion. (wish it had a dimmer).
About the size of a very large lipstick case or roll of nickels,  is easy to carry and use. Well worth the us$15.00

What I think is the BEST  Smartphone  Tripod mount.  Joby JM1-01WW GripTight Mount Black Amazon us$16.00.
Why because it FOLDS “FLAT” !     That’s it.   It folds small and Flat. (look at the pic)  So, I can have it with me in my belt bag all the time.    It also has  a  hole so you attach it to your Key Ring.

I might clip it to my MeFoto GlobeTrotter Tripod/Monopod  which is also great on Trips.
Like the Aluminum because I don’t like super light Tripods.  And I do not want to have to worry about someone stealing it wherever I go.  Because sometimes I leave it on location.  Do not underestimate the usefulness of having a Monopod built in.  and the Head is deceptively good.   Amazon us$ 209.00

IF you have any other   MUST HAVE   on Travel Shoots  …  let me know  … I will add it on.  Or  will see on the Comments section below.

3/5/14 :  Here is an interesting iPhone 5 and 5s   ACC  that is both a Stand and Protection :

Hope this helps,

Ross Hamamura
Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA camera Ambassador


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