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A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS, Sony ALPHA A7r, a7, a6000 , and a77m2 .TIPS of the DAY Part 6

Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 6

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".
Yes, I have put this on other TIPS , but it might have got lost , or this might be a bit more clear instructions (and I might have adjusted it a bit)  :)

A7r + 35mm f2.8  ,  f4, 1/125, iso100

Allows you to Back Button AF and ZOOM IN on any Lens or Adapter (on the C1 button)

C2 (if default) should bring up "FOCUS MODE" = change THAT to MF "Manual Focus" Mode.

1)  AF W/ Shutter = OFF
2)  Custom Key Settings > AEL Button > AF On
3)  Custom Key Settings > AF/MF Button > AF/MF Control Hold
4)  Custom Key Settings > Custom Button 1 > Focus Magnifier
5)  Custom Key Settings > Custom Button 2 > Focus Mode
6)  Custom Key Settings > Custom Button 3 > Deactivate Monitor
7)  Custom Key Settings > Center Button > Standard
8)  Custom Key Settings >  Down Button > ISO  (or Application List)  

* Set  Focus Magnif. Time = No Limit
because when I want to GET OUT of Focus Magnification you can always push the AF/MF button  OR half press the shutter

Note: you will find out that DMF and MF requires a Different Switch on the AF/MF - AEL Button.
* MF = AF/MF

* Even when I flip back to my normal DMF  "Focus Mode"  some of those button settings still come in handy.     Seems like a lot to take in , but when you start using it , you will see why I configure as I do.

More so IF you use the C1 to quickly ZOOM IN. (once you get used to using it , you can ZOOM in Fast , Move your ZOOM in point, and ZOOM in at different Levels)

Here is a LINK by Brian Smith on a simple easy easy way to configure Back Button AF on
the Sony FF A "series" cameras a7, a7r, a7s, a7II, a7rII  etc ...  (if this blog gets too complicated lol)

*** I need to ADD this TIP on how to "change" the above Back Focus tip  so you can use AF-C  on the Back Button in a more typical Nikon sports AF-C   Back Button AF way.
From the Above Settings  CHANGE:

1)  Change to AF-C
2)  Flip your switch to AEL   ... so the button is now on AF-ON

* You need to Flip the SWITCH on this   "WHENEVER"  you change to AF-C    (trust me, something you might forget why, or why you have AF/MF Control Hold on the other switch lol)

The only (Slight) negative I have found with this AF-C  as your Back Button AF.  It Kills your ability to use C1 to ZOOM in.
You might ask why would I ever use ZOOM IN Manual Focus on this AF-C BACK BUTTON AF ?  Well , IF you use this as Nikon shooters do as your "ONLY"  AF-S as well as AF-C ... then there is times when you will want the ZOOM IN to Manual Focus.

(and p.s. "right now"  Sony does not have quite as good AF-C (as Nikon)  or Dynamic AF points (with size control) in AF-C which is part of the advantage of using AF-C in Nikon) on a Back Button AF for both your  AF-S and AF-C.

This YouTube might help explain the whole concept of Back Button AF.

3/15/15 here is a good YouTube of the SET-UP for Back Button AF on the a6000

10/8/14 update
9/26/15 to INCLUDE my new settings for AF-C , Lock-ON AF:Flexible Spot

Here is my current set up on the SONY a77 m2 :

* Just as note ... BEFORE I do this I always do a Setting Reset = "Initialize"  ... to bring it back to the Factory Original Settings "First".

* I turned OFF Auto Review (so I can track better)
* Priority Setup = AF
* Menu - Wheel - AF w/Shutter = OFF  * This is Important for Focus Re-Compose with AF-C
* Flexible Spot Points = 15 Points    ... which are on the 1/3 Crossing points   ... and basically allows me to Push the Center Button to Move the AF point to the Center and "then" move the AF point to where I want "WithOut" looking.

Update: what I do now is:
* Lock-ON AF:Flexible Spot.   ... in AF-C
Use  the "Center" AF Point as my Lock on Spot  ... normally this is a Cross AF point and the most sensitive.  Giving you a faster initial AF lock.

"Then" I Re-Compose ,  letting Lock-ON AF "Follow" the Lock ON subject while I Re-Compose.

* Face Detection ON,  just for good measure.
because "In Theory" , the Exposure should be "weighted" to the Face this way.
And the AF imho s/b on the eye (though it does not work that way now)

* Flexible Spot
Eye-Start AF - OFF
Peaking = LOW
Zebra = 100+
Delete Confirm = "Delete" First
Focus Magnif. Time = NO Limit
AF/MF Button = Focus Magnifier
Center Button = Standard
Grid Line = Rule of 3rds Grid
SteadyS. W/ shut = ON  ... but on Sports shoots I turn this OFF
e-Front Curtain Shut. = ON
Metering Mode = Multi   ... this is because of my  "Exposure Compensation Priority" Stratagy.
On the LINK: 
Exp. Comp. Set = Ambient ONLY
Dial Set up  = F/no    SS
Dial Ev Comp  = Rear Dial
AF-C for Continuous AF when using Back Button

9/26/15 (p.s. I have stopped using this , just not fast enough "for me", using BackButton AF-C in Lock-ON AF is better and Faster) AF-A Setup = AF-A   ...  I am going try this mode to see if it can switch AF-S to AF-C automatically ... have discovered it can be a bit slow at times. (not fully baked yet)
This AF mode is only available in A-mount cameras. When the shutter button is pressed halfway down, the camera automatically recognizes whether the subject is moving or not, and switches the AF mode between AF-S and AF-C accordingly.
Use this mode to shoot various subjects at the same time, or to avoid switching the AF mode manually.


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Hope this Helps someone, 

Ross Hamamura

The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
(and have been given SONY products for accepting this additional role)
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