Wednesday, March 10, 2010

D700 my fav LCD configs

Thought after buying the GGS LCD Screen protector :) you might want me to re-blog separately about my D700/D3 LCD config's. lol

Here's what I love to do, with the below config's ... because I have configured auto playback after each shot.

When I take a shot and don't need to look at the LCD or I don't want the LCD to light up, just tap the shutter button ... this will bring you back into shooting mode and blank the LCD screen.
IF, there is a shot I want to look at closer, and not be limited to the quick after-shot review "time-out" I configured in c4 ... I will press the Center Button (on the Multi-selector) to zoom in on the reviewed shot.
another Center button press takes me to full screen.
A Up arrow or Down arrow scrolls me thru ... Blinkys, Histogram, AF point.

Now if I took two-three shots consecutively seq. ... I zoom in on the first shot and then the Back Wheel to compaire the two zoomed in shots at the same spot (eyes).

* My Config's:

1) In the Set Up Menu , LCD Brightness set to -2 ... this will give you a more True Brightness of your shot on the LCD ... You "might" have to tweak this to what you see on your computer monitor, and if this setting gives you enough visual clues to adjust exposure via your LCD ...

* now during bright daylight you might need a Hoodman 3" , which imho is "Highly Recommended" for shot review! How did I go on all these years without a Hoodman during the day?

2) f4 Photo info/playback ... Info at Up/Down , and Playback Left/Right ... in Photo Playback this allows me to quickly scroll thru my Fav Info OR go back and forth on my images.

3) Relates to above : in the Playback Menu ... "Display mode" ... I have Focus point, Highlights checked ... I default to Highlights blinkys

4) f1 switch : both , so on a clock-wise move of the light (on/off) switch BOTH the back LCD and the top lights up , so I can do a quick check on the settings via a large 3" LCD

5) f9 * Menus and playback = ON

6) f2 Multi selector center Button : one of my most used feature ... * Shooting Mode = Reset to bring back my AF point to the Center quickly , * Playback Mode = Zoom so on a "automatic" Review on the LCD after each shot , I can quickly / easily Zoom in to 100 % aprox on the shot , this also keeps it in Review mode , and not shut off.

* another Big Trick is to set Playback mode>Zoom on/off>MEDIUM MAGNIFICATION (which is about 100%)

7) Turn ON "Image Review" in the Playback Menu

8) c4 Monitor Off Delay ... You can shorten the time if the LCD light up is too long

Hope this Helps someone,
Ross Hamamura

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