Sunday, December 29, 2013

SONY Z , Android update v4.3 on the way to the NEW SONY Z1

SONY Z smartphone. 
There is a Android update 4.3

Seems SONY does there own version of the OS

I just loaded it, and my wall paper image seems a bit more saturated closer to what my S3 looked like.
Some of the apps like Time and Sonys Walkman visually look different.
And it might be my imagination but it "might" feel slightly faster.

* LOVE the Camera Shutter button on the Volume Rocker  *
* WIFI Scanning, when WIFI is OFF ... good for GPS Maps  *
* Sony Superior Auto on camera
* Sony Sweep Panorama
* DayDream SensMe Slideshow 3D theme

* Did NOT see v4.3 Android Camera feature : Circular Menu System or Photo Sphere

Some Android 4.3 details:

After using the Sony Z for a while now. 
I am really amazed that this Smartphone does not get any buzz. 
And I am hard press to find it anywhere.  Well, now it is at T-Mobile.

It's amazingly Sleek and THIN. 

Having both sides tempered glass (gorilla glass like). 
Has a textured edge that stops it from sliding off smooth table tops, and also makes it easier to hold (more secure feeling). 
When you see it sitting on a table top it looks SUPER Thin. 

* AND it's WATER PROOF ! That alone is Crazy! 

I now feel it is the Best looking Smartphone, Period. 

Have been using white smartphones for years, but this Black version has been growing on me.

*** Also have an idea for SONY ... make the Z1 in  the Sony Special Edition RED. keeping the black ruberized edges.   I would use it.  and it would be something Different, that says  SONY Z1.  (like the 1020 yellow)  ... a  great DEMO  , to get looks. 

Was super skeptical of Sony claims of it's long Battery life. (I was a S3 user with two batteries, and often had to change at aprox 5pm if I was out all day) 

But, it's true! This thin smartphone really lasts. I have a lipstick battery charger and flashlight I bought on Amazon but have yet to use it. 
This has a new fresh battery no doubt , but still impressive. 

The new Sony version v4.3 Android update does seem better. 

When you actually look at this  SONY Z Smartphone closely it is really well Designed. And makes my plastic back S3 now look like a toy.

And I was a hard core Galaxy S  user. 

Now, having said all that ... it's the "NEW" SONY "Z1" that is the Game Change Smartphone for Sony. 

imho, If the new Sony "Z1"  is not one of the HOT smartphones for 2014 with great distribution in the USA. Someone, at Sony USA messed up. Seriously. I am just saying.

SONY "Z1"  2013 BEST Photography Android smartphone of the Year  ...    DPreview

Next Z1 "Sirius"  could have 4K video

p.s.  The Killer  Photography smartphone would be for SONY to drop in the 1"  RX100 II  Sensor with a Zeiss lens  into the Z1   ...  Class leading Game Change.    The question would be , would it be FAST enough.

Hope this helps someone,

Ross Hamamura
The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
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(and have been given SONY products for accepting this additional role)

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Franklin Miller said...

I really enjoy your postings and blog, especially since I just bought a Sony a7R. The manual is the worse I've ever seen.

But, while reading your blog, I noticed your tips don't line up, or I'm missing some of them. It goes from 1 through 19, then 31, then jumps to 33 through 59, then to 68 through 70.

I'm very interested in the ones I may have missed. Do you have a posting where they are all in order or can you tell me where the new I am missing are?
Thanks so much. Keep up the good work.

Franklin Miller, M.S.
Franklin Miller Arts

Ross Hamamura said...

Franklin Miller,

Thank you ...

Sorry about the confusion on the TIPs order.

I am trying to Topic it Part I , Part 2, Part 3 etc now.

All of the TIPs are just copys of what I had written on the SONY Alpha TALK GROUP on Facebook.

The one thing I do notice is that it is easeier to find a TIP on a listed BLOG.

What I should try to do is Provide LINKS at the Bottom to the "other" Pages so it is EASY to Find. Will do that. :)