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SONY a7rII , AF-C now the BEST AF mode (my Back Button AF settings, now)

#Sony ALPHA #SonyTIP # 350: AF-C now the BEST AF mode for #a7rII !

Sony ALPHA TIPS of the DAY

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".

#Sony #a7rII + 70-200mm f4 G FE , @ f4 , 1/500, iso 12,800 ... early morning light AF-C with the a7rII , Flexible Spot Center, AF Priority,  74mm , un-cropped gives you an idea where the Center AF point was and how close they are

Now SONY photographers can use AF-C in BackButton AF
* With some Added Benefits on the #a7rII.
Please keep in mind in Low light AF Wide Open matters , "or" shooting with Setting EFFECTS OFF.
Aperture matters, DDSSM matters, using FE lens matters.

Having said that this is my "current" AF set up on the a7rII that seems to Optimize it's strengths "and" PDAF Features that DSLRs do not have.   Face Detection , PDAF and PDAF on Sensor , Lock ON AF : Flexible Spot

Trust me when I say this ,  Not only does it work ... It's FUN !
but, you will have to get used to the AF process.

The "SET UP":

1)  AF-C
* Custom Key Settings AF/MF Button = AF ON
* AF w/Shutter  = OFF

You will AF on the AF/MF button
Shutter using the Shutter Button

This will also allow you to Focus Recompose Dynamically on a Face.

OR ,  AF  (let go of the AF/MF button) then Recompose and wait to shutter

2)  Focus Area = Lock-ON - Flexible Spot

3)  Face Detection ON

4)  I like to use Metering Mode = Multi    ... so as you move the framing around the metering is less jittery.
I also have Exp. Comp. Set = Ambient ONLY

Also feel it helps me when I use what I call Exposure Compensation Priority.

5)  IF you are not going to shoot Wide OPEN  (f1.4 or f2) and you are stopped down , changing Live View Display = Setting Effect OFF is better in Low Light.

6) Priority Set in AF-C = AF   , and also AF-S = AF   ... this is a personal choice based on my proiritys
At 5 fps max it does not seem to slow you down.
Just wish there was a APS-C crop mode with 8fps

The next are just personal choices you might want to know

7) In general I will be in AUTO ISO , with the Reciprocal Lens type setting to "FAST"
On a Sports shoot I will SET a minimum Shutter Speed based on the Speed of the subject.

8 )  I will have Peaking ON at Low or Medium  ... my preference

9)  Will have Zebras at 100+

10)  I shoot RAW , but will be at DRO Lv4 just to be able to look at a JPG rendering closer to my output. :)

Here is a Great AF Test of the #a7rII  on DPR by  Rishi Sanyal that is very similar to what I have experienced.

note: because I do have "AF ON" on my AF/MF switch button , and Eye AF on the AEL button ... 
I "do" notice that Eye AF does make the AF a bit slower while it looks for Eyes , when there is none.  
And on the same target AF ON locks on AF fast. ... 

this might be the reason why #Sony separated the two AF and did not provide a Option for "Both" ,  
at least for now - Until they work out the Software to make this Faster. :)

#Sony #a7rII + LAEA3 + 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM A-Mount @ f1.4

Hope this Helps someone,

Ross Hamamura

The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
(and have been given SONY products for accepting this additional role)
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