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Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 10

a99+50mm f1.4 ZA SSM , @ f4, 1/100, iso320

Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the DAY Part 10

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".

Sony ALPHA TIP # 150: "α" (Alpha) CLOCK Project Overview
When you Click on a Location ,  Also Click on the Bottom edge to see the Sony Camera used , and with the Scroll of your Mouse and see the Location at Different times (that is posted on the Left)

Throughout the world, there are numerous "World Heritage" locations selected by UNESCO - treasures, both natural and manmade, that must be maintained for future generations to also enjoy. These locations include magnificent scenery formed naturally over innumerable decades, historical sites constructed in ancient eras, and other irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. There are so many locations across the globe in the World Heritage List that it would be very difficult to visit all of them in a single lifetime.
The "α" CLOCK project, brought to you by Sony, is an attempt to photograph these World Heritage locations with Sony's own "α" camera and to share these recorded treasures with the world.

Yuji Nukui is a well-known photographer and video artist whose work has been featured in a wide variety of print and motion media. Mr. Nukui contributes to the Sony "α" CLOCK project, and is currently photographing world heritage sites.

Born September 20, 1971 in Munich, Germany, Masashi Hamauzu was hired by the music department of game developer Square Enix, following his graduation from university. There he contributed original compositions to the titles Final Fantasy XIII, SaGa Frontier 2, Final Fantasy X and Unlimited SaGa, among others. In 2010 he established his own freelance music studio, MONOMUSIK.

The scope of the composer’s activities now range from productions organized within the country, to events and concerts performed overseas, to soundtrack composition for anime and games. In 2011, he established the music group "IMERUAT" with vocalist Mina, holding concerts in Poland, France, the United States and Switzerland. In 2012, he began writing music for the "α" CLOCK project. Developed in collaboration with engineer and sound producer Yutaka Une, this most recent project pays tribute to international heritages.

Marcin Warmuz, Thank you for posting the link  :)

a7r+16-35 f2.8 ZA

Sony ALPHA TIP # 149: SONY Alpha Learning Portal, Packed with information :

On the Portal Shooting Techniques :
On this Tutorial you need to click on each of the Numbered TIPS
Click each number to see the TIP,  and click again to get out and click on the next number

a99+50mm f1.4 ZA SSM  @ f2.8, 1/80, iso1000

Sony ALPHA TIP # 148: BIG benefit of EVF "Live View" ,  because it "is" LV there is little need to Review ...

but when you must, You can Review in the EVF (even Auto Review).

I am actually finding that looking for Eye Blinks on a group shot is getting easier and easier to do via the EVF on a Auto Review.
The more I do it, the better I am getting at it.

* The other important benefit few mention: when in the Bright Sun you don't need to bring along your Hoodman loop.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 147: You can BETA Test New Sony APPS for FREE
As of 4/22/14 there is Four(4)

* Catch Light    ...  seems interesting :)
* Stop Motion
* Snapshot Me
* ID Photo

Sony ALPHA TIP # 146: If you are looking for a a7/r Off camera cord for the MIS Hot Shoe.
My guess is ANY Hot Shoe Cord will work "IF"  you plan to fire a non-Sony Flash in Manual mode.

Fired Nikon Flashes off a Nikon cord , and a copy Nikon TTL cord by Vello 3 foot us$14.99  ... both worked in Manual Mode on the Flash.
Problem is the Sony 60m Flash will not trigger because the PIN does not line up in the center of a Standard Hot Shoe.  I noticed this issue with "other"  Hot Shoes I use for Off Camera , like the RadioPopper JrX Hot Shoe adapter. (the Sony 60m will not line up)

I use the Sony FA-CC1AM TTL cord to fire off the Sony 60m Flash in TTL.  It works!
Though, there is that 60m TTL flash delay (slow fire) still.
Gary Friedman from Dec 2012

Now , here is where I think Sony needs to improve.

1)  The cord only works on Sony Flashes.  The flash end only will plug into Sony Flashes.  (very BetaMax like)
2)  on this "AM" cord you will need a "MIS Adapter".  and that does NOT have a lock ... so it can come off.
3)  The Sony Cord is kinda "thin"  ... even the cheap Vello's cord is thicker and looked more heavy duty.
4)  And new Sony PRO Flash , needs to be FASTER, RADIO Wireless, and have "standard" trigger inputs like this one

5)  Make the MIS  "Flash"  FOOT  "PIN"   line up to the Standard Hot Shoe ... so it can be triggered Manually via any Radio Hot Shoe.
There is a few Hot Shoes that the 60m Flash will not work with ... including the Nikon cord and the RadioPopper JrX Hot Shoe Adapter.

A Direct  MIS to 60m  TTL cord combo FA-CS1M + FA-MC1AM   (should note: I have not personally tried this)

The Sony TTL Flash delay , is why on Wireless flash , on fast moving night events I still use my Nikon flashes in Manual Mode via RadioPoppers.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 145: tutorials by French photographer Serge Ramelli that can be found on Youtube or Facebook, or Google+. He has over 100 free tutorials for Lightroom. He also offers longer video courses for a fee.
Serge also shoots A7R.

Check out the Video on Kelby One webcast:

Sony ALPHA TIP # 144: Not a TIP , but good to know.
I broke the foot off my 60m flash.
Fell in the Rain with it + a7r.  (a7r , no problems ... still shooting with it)
It did not break off at the foot (would have been my guess).
But it broke off at the Base. Remember , this was a hard fall on a hard surface.
The Base and the Foot connection can be totally replaced.
Learned when the Foot was still in the Hot Shoe , that there is a PIN that keeps the Foot in the Hot Shoe.
and will not release even after the Flash is broken off.  (at first I thought the Foot was just smashed in the Hot Shoe) ... you need to lift the PIN.
Just so you know,  to replace the Foot section by Sony is $75.  I does look like new.

"Water Ingress"  repair on a a7r,  will cost you £175  , not sure what that converts to in USA $.
Here is the blog:

Sony ALPHA TIP # 143: Easy way to get a Aerial image Super High above.
Use a 24 foot Manfrotto 269HDB-3U Super High Camera Stand :)

us$380 + prime Free ship
but I paid for Priority shipping just $12 to get it- to Hawaii faster.
"Thank you"  Bob Krist for the TIP and link.

I will be using the Sony WIFI a7r Remote control to Live View my composition and fire the a7r.
The extra Res of the a7r 36mp non-AA  will allow me to loose crop the shot.

note: ordered on a FRI  arrived at my door on a MON.
Impressive Prime Priority shipping to Hawaii for $12
Big box  5 foot 8 inches ,  stand is 5 foot 6 aprox.

Came in "just" the stand. (cheaper)
Had one dinged leg , which will need to be replaced.
Boxing was too simple. No padding at all.
It's a heavy stand.
NO foot  ground pegs, or  three rope Tie Downs.
Interesting that there is No Clip holes on the top section for the Tie Downs/Stabilizing ropes.
Guess will need to make a trip to  Home Depot. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 142: Gary L. Friedman book video, with some good tips:

The Complete Guide to Sony's A7 & A7r Cameras by Gary L. Friedman us$ 29.95

Sony ALPHA TIP # 141: The Manufacture that Dominates Digital Imaging Sensors , will INCREASE there Digital Camera Sales and Lens Sales.  And will eventually be #1 in Digital Cameras.

* Think Canon when they had the only FF

* Think Nikon with there "increased" market share and come back from the dead after the D3 and D700 ... D3s  ... D800

Now SONY  ...  Imagine the DXO Sensor Ratings List  , after the A7s and these new MF sensors from the three (3) MF Manf.
it will be interesting to see how far SONY can take this.
but, imho  History is on there side.

Just my opinion  ... please don't read anything else into it  :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 140: 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM + UV Zeiss T* or probably any UV will create more flare/light reflections

The 50mm f1.4 SSM even without the hood, "by itself" is very resistant to Flare.
Got to love the deep front of the lens.
But, "as soon as I put the UV filter" on it I can see a difference in flare.
The UV filter is very far from the front of the lens itself.
Light just off the frame, or a light reflection of the light when almost straight on.

Because on some events I am very close to a lot of action, will keep the UV on for that.
But, when it really matters ... will probably take the UV off and just use the Hood.

fyi: the Hood is slightly better than the Pre-Production Hood I first saw.
Still Plastic, but has a Black flannel lining inside.

This is my favorite f1.4 lens I have used. Because of it's usability at f1.4. Sharpness. Bokeh. Sony's Live View Focus Peaking (at LOW). AF accuracy of ON Sensor AF. and it's FAST/Solid Auto Focus.

Even with it's Longitudinal chromatic aberration (light color bokeh, contrast transitions behind the focus point are tinged with green,  and in front of the focus point are tinted purple)   But, easily taken out in Lightroom with two clicks ... Lens Correction>Color>Remove Chromatic Aberration (check)>Defringe "Dropper"

Though for Portrait, I still feel a 85mm f1.4 is better.
Love the 135mm f1.8.  but it is too far away , and you have to call in your instructions.

Beginners Guides to Digital SLR Photography by Mark David
Easy-to-read primers
Teaching people individually has shown me the areas beginners struggle with. These primers explain them.

Easy to read explanations ... Highly Recommended reading :)


TIP 121-138

TIP 110-120

TIP 89-109

TIP 88   A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS

TIP 71-87

TIP 50-70

TIP 32-49

TIP 31   Exposure Compansation Dial "PRIORITY"

TIP 20-30

TIP 1-19

Hope this Helps someone,

Ross Hamamura

The Tourist of Light
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
(and have been given SONY products for accepting this additional role)
Please follow me on Instagram:  @RDHphoto
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