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Sony ALPHA A7r and A7 TIPS of the Day Part 2

SantaCON Hawaii 2013   ... A7r + LAEA4 + 16-35 f2.8 ZA SSM , iso2500, f4, 1/20 , 60m flash, 16mm  handhold overhead, on a nightclub dance floor.

These are a few of my TIPS of the DAY  I have been posting on a Sony ALPHA - TALK  Group created on Facebook.  It "is" open to everyone ,  Just "JOIN"  by entering your FB name to the box with " + ADD people to Group ".

Sony ALPHA TIP # 30: Update to the Smart Remote Control APP.  this is the second update that I have noticed.This APP is pretty good for FREE !   I just wish it did Time Lapse.
There is also a Multiple Exposure APP v1.00 for us$4.99  The interesting one is the sample of combining a shadow of a women and a bed of flowers - Easy Silhouette. Mirror effect . Soft Filter. Manual which looks like a layering of two shots. Texture  ...  Looks like you need to shoot JPG.   Does anyone know if this APP lets you shoot RAW + JPG
Lens Compensation us$9.99

Sony ALPHA TIP # 29: Sony Remote Camera Control
Sony Remote Camera Control OSRemote Software should be on the List
Sony Image Data converter Ver.4.2.02 MAC

Sony ALPHA TIP # 28: Move the AF point by Center OK + wheel (in shooting mode)A7/r ALL lens (even lens with Adapters like the LAEA4, all the same) .. the A7r lets you move the AF point
Now, do I move my AF point on a street shoot , maybe not.
Advantage 36mp :)
I can shoot them dead center ... or at my set  AF point location.  Crop latter.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 27: White Balance (WB) adjustments in real timeit is easy to adjust WB in real time with Sony Alpha cameras.  IF you have "Live View Display=Setting Effect ON"Should note: I shoot RAW so WB is not a issue. But, when I want to see the JPG settings at night. The easy WB configuration and Live View of the changes in real time is helpful.
SO, if Auto WB or one of the pre-sets is not working for you. Here is what I do:
In White Balance (WB) ... note: I have WB set at the default position on the wheel ..  SET > Custom SetupThen put the circle in the center of screen over something white + push center OK.At that point, the A7r should have got you pretty close.IF you want to tweak more , go back into WB , and the A7r will have put (your last setting) into a Custom WB setting for you , RIGHT wheel click on that ... you get a graph that you can mouse around to tweak the WB, AS YOU SEE IT in the LCD !
A lot of Adjustments  "Sony Style" via the LCD / EVF Live View is Visual , White Balance is just another.
The Lightroom way is to shoot a Gray Card somewhere in your shot (preferably on your subject) and then take the WB dropper in LR and click on it. Boom, Done!  well sometimes. :)I am not a person for trying to get the WB  real anyway. lolimho, WB is just another tool to get the image to how you imagined it, not necessarily how it was. :)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 26: Change your "Creative Styles" to BW or Sepia.  View in EVF/LCD BW but shoot in RAW to do you BW adjustments latter or RAW+JPG and have the BW JPG also.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 25: A7r/A7  "Creative Styles"  are in  Lightroom v5.3 for RAW.  Camera Calibration > Profile Drop Down Menu. Everything except BW and Sepia.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 24: A7r/A7 is optimized to shoot Aperture Priority (during the day). Because of the great Exposure Compensation wheel (position) and EVF/LCD Live View.  You can Adjust very quickly and accurately with One(1) wheel. Fast, Powerful , Intuitive and eliminates the need for Review (chimping).During the Day I will also have Auto ISO on.  (want to mention the need for a  "Shutter Speed MINIMUM" on the Auto ISO settings ... and you need to get to that setting Fast- Programmable, as well as "Live View Display - ON/OFF)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 23:  My A7r Set UP that I love. 

Had to mention this Back Button AF set up again. Because it is really working for me.and probably will for ANY Manual Focus shooter !
My fav A7r + LAEA4 Adapter + 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM is set up this way. But, it will work on ANY Lens combo. That is the beauty of this.
What I have found is the A7r/A7 makes Manual Focusing VERY Easy and FAST. and Accurate.

1) Set up the AF/MF button to "AF/MF Control Hold" ... this will be your Back button AF
2) Set C1 button to "Focus Settings" ... this is your Zoom button
3) put the camera to MF mode to Manual Focus "AND" use AF/MF button to autofocus.
You can move the AF point as well. Just set your Center Button to "Standard". A Center button press will activate mode to Move your AF point (IF AF is supported by the Lens/Adapter combo)When the AF locks release the AF/MF button and you immediately see peaking. (IF you have Peaking ON)
At this point you have a tremendous amount of control and flexibility

* Benefit at this point is you have Focus Peaking , and the equivalent of DMF, because you have MF. and AF on the Back Button.

You will find that when you get used to this set up ... you can go thru the steps VERY FAST. and it gives you a lot of flexibility.

Now for those with Manual Focus Lens or non FE lens ... How do you ZOOM Quickly:

4) Double click the c1 this is the ZOOM IN ...
BUT, here you have OPTIONS:* If you "only" Click c1 "once" you get the Focus BOX that you can "Move" anywhere.* Click another time ... you Zoom in* Click another time ... you Zoom in MORE
5) Check the focus, fine tune Focus using the Focus ring if needed, and fire away.

but you can also "tap" the shutter to SEE the Composition in Full View "before" you shutter.  (this is a benefit)* I normally have Focus Magnif. Time to NO LIMIT.   (because it is the shutter tap, that brings you Out)
This is also great for Tripod / Product stuff ,  but get used to it and you will do this on a Handhold Very Fast.
Try it  for a few shoots ... once you get used to it ... It will Pay Off.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 22: How to turn OFF , the  Half Press AF.
Useful when you are using CAF-ON off the Back Button ala Nikon Sports shooting style.Also useful when you are using  AF-ON on any mode.

Manual (which I did not read) Page 180 on the A7r PDF
AF w/ shutter (still image)Selects whether to focus automatically when you press the shutter button halfway down. Select [Off] to adjustthe focus and the exposure separately.1. MENU → (Custom Settings) → [ AF w/ shutter] → desired setting.Menu item detailsOn (default setting):The auto focus operates when you press the shutter button halfway down.Off:The auto focus does not operate even if you press the shutter button halfway down.HintWhen [ AF w/ shutter] is set to [Off], you can still use the [AF On] function.

Sony ALPHA TIP # 21: A7r/A7 has Auto ISO that you can use in Manual ModeI feel the A7r/A7 has the BEST (Easy/Fast) Natural Light "Manual" Controls that I have "ever" shot with. With it's great Live View EVF/LCD (flip screen) , and it's Tri-Nav three wheel exposure control (A front wheel, S back wheel, ISO on back dial).But, my Favorite way to shoot in Natural Light (in Manual) is in "AUTO ISO" (with a ISO limits iso6400 , it "should" have a Minimum Shutter setting also, that is it's only weakness).   THEN,  what I can do is use the BEST Exposure Compensation wheel position I have used on a DSLR (hope it is also used on the next A-Mount PRO).  So now I adjust the ISO by 'look" off of the Exposure Comp. Wheel.  VERY Fast , and EVEY EASY.   During the Day I use Aperture Priority which this Exp. Comp. wheel will be your best friend. (and why I love that it is metal on the A7r, like the RX1/r)

Sony ALPHA TIP # 20: RX1 / RXr Hood fits on the 35mm f2.8That's good news , to me.OK,  on this one can I please get someone to confirm?I do not have the 35mm f2.8 ZA FE
I do not like that strange condom looking hood on the 35mm f2.8.The RX1 hood is expensive , but at least it looks Cool. :)


TIP 89-109

TIP 88   A7r & A7 Back Button Auto Focus + ZOOM IN on any LENS

TIP 71-87

TIP 50-70

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TIP 31   Exposure Compansation Dial "PRIORITY"

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TIP 1-19

Hope this helps,

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